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'No game data on top level' Mod Organizer



So I am trying to download a mod using MO but when I double click to install it, it says: No game data on top level. I have looked everywhere and can't find out how to fix it. I can' think of any other way then to manually install which i want to avoid. Any help will be appreciated!

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That is a very common thing with MO. This happens when the mod is not packaged in a way that MO expects.


Expand the file tree in that window and on whatever the Data directory would be, right click that and choose "Set data directory".


For example: Mod X shows no game data at top level. In Mod X the only folder is called "John Doe's mod". Inside that folder are folders like "textures" and "meshes". Well, in this case the folder "John Doe's mod" is acting like the data folder, because the folders inside correspond to what the Skyrim Data folder looks like. So you would right-click "John Doe's mod" and set it as the data directory.


Sometimes it may not just be one folder deep, it might be two. Or it could have multiple options for the mod that you need to choose from. Etc.


See the Mod Organizer Guide for more info. https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Mod_Organizer


Edit: You will know you have done it right when the text goes green and says something like, "Looks good".


And yeah, this dialogue window has nothing to do with running the game through Steam first. Although that is something that must be done for other reasons.

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