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SkyUI 2.2 Menu Tweak

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This tweak is unnecessary for anyone using SkyUI v3.0 or greater.

The following is an improvement to the menu interface of SkyUI:

  • Larger item preview images
  • Repositioned preview pane to account for larger images
  • Persistant Value/Weight ratios
Before > After:

Posted ImagePosted Image


I use 1920x1200 resolution, so anyone using something close to this should be fine (but smaller res may work well too).


Change the values like so in each of the corresponding sections of SkyIU_cfg.txt, which is located under skyrim\Data\interface\


I would be great to do this via Wrye Bash INI Tweaks, but WB does not recognize the TXT file extension in INI Tweaks :down:

; =====================================================================================================================
itemcard.align = center
itemcard.xOffset = 0
itemcard.yOffset = 20

itemicon.xOffset = 0
itemicon.yOffset = 2
itemicon.scale = 1.75

; VALUE COLUMN -------------------------------------------------------
valueColumn.states = 2
valueColumn.weight = 0.2

; VIEWS -------------------------------------------------------
defaultView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, nameColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

weaponView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, awNameColumn, damageColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

armorView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, awNameColumn, arColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

allView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, allNameColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

contWeaponView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, awContNameColumn, damageColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

contArmorView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, awContNameColumn, arColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>

contAllView.columns = <equipColumn, iconColumn, allContNameColumn, weightColumn, valueColumn, valueWeightColumn>
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ya just thought of that duh extract the BSA and then edit and repack that should work going to try that now


EDIT: ok i extracted the BSA and edited the proper file


With skyUI 3.0 the proper file is named different and in a different location for the proper file and location you need to goto the


Data\Interface\skyui folder and edit the config.txt file

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I completely forgot about this...


There is no need for these tweaks, at least in version 3.0 of the mod.


» "Persistant Value/Weight ratios", you can just enable it in-game.


Posted Image


» "Larger item preview images" (3D Item) and "Repositioned preview pane to account for larger images" (Item Card) can also be configured in-game, via the mod's MCM menu


Posted Image

Posted Image





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