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1) Make Skyrim Vanilla Again


This will ensure that you don't have anything left over in the Data folder from your NMM install.


2) Download MO, setup per STEP Recommendations


3) Find in your NMM folder where the archives of the mods you downloaded are kept. These archives will be .zip, .7z, etc. Keep that window open.


4) Find the [...]\Mod Organizer\downloads folder. Keep that window open.


5) Copy all mod archives from NMM over to MO downloads folder. Now you have the mods available to install, just as if you had downloaded them through MO.


6) Blast NMM from the face of the earth (and your computer). Smile as you do so.


7) Read the MO Guide so that you understand the program. Yes it is long, but it is definitely worth the read. Suffer through reading it one time and you will save yourself a lot of questions and trouble later on. You will also understand important concepts like left pane (basically installation order), and right pane (load order), etc.


8) Proceed to re-install ENBoost as per the STEP recommendations, or the ENB binary plus your graphical ENB if you use one of those.


9) Set up SKSE in Mod Organizer per STEP recommendations (it is different in MO). Double check the MO folder structure as per the picture!


10) Set up LOOT, xEdit, and any of your other tools similarly. They have to be set up to run through MO. Which you will know if you read the MO Guide. ;-)


11) Re-install your mods. Note left pane priority list and right pane load order. Both do matter!


12) Profit! :-)

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