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Mod Organizer - Not Logged In... Whyyy....





I had some problems with Steam a while back, forgetting password and so forth. At the same time there was this update that nexus sendt out about members having too/should change password. So I did. Hence I am not sure wich of this caused my problem.

After I did this, I cannot log into MO. I am always tagged as "not logged in".

I have several times tried to untick and tick Settings ---> nexus ---> automatically log into Nexus.

- I have the right password for Nexus in my MO, and I have re-written it several times to be sure.

- Someone mentioned that NMM had to be installed on the PC for MO to work. If thats a fact or not, i dont know. But I did that, and that didnt help.


 I use Firefox, if thats of any help.

This is really annoying, cause I feel I have to search around on Nexus all the time to make sure my mods are updated.

I have searched around for help to this problem, but I havent found any. Will I have to re-install MO? Im so afraid I`ll loose all mods, cause ohh the work I`ve had...

Anyone have a tip for me?

Thank you in advance.

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Holy c.... Well. That was easy. "check all mods for update* DING! Logged in...

That is something I really missed. I have even read some on this page, but that have for some reason not stuck in my brain. One click - done.

Wow. Thank you so much, dear Step Staff ^^

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