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LOOT CTDs instantly when loading from MO with just 30+mods



I have been following the STEP guide for FLNV and have finally reached the last couple of steps only for LOOT to stop working. Near the beginning of the guide when i had a few mods installed LOOT worked fine. Then it started crashing at the first attempt to open, working ok on the second attempt. Now it refuses to work at all. I get as far as Parsing and merging metadata before I get the standard Windows message saying LOOT has stopped working, Check online for a solution/Close the program. 


One post suggested checking for a rogue mod by disabling all mods and re-enabling them a few at a time. LOOT worked fine vanilla and after about 20 mods added started crashing first time. By about 25 mods it was taking 2-3 attempts, and by 30 it pretty much crashed indefinitely. 


Everything else launches fine from MO. I have tried deleting localdata LOOT folder, reinstalling LOOT, installing LOOT in another location and adding the --single-process argument. No joy. 


This bug report from 2 years ago is the only vaguely relevant thing I could find on the issue. Am I running out of RAM? I have 8GB installed, Windows 7 64bt. I do have some suspicions regarding my RAM but I have been unable to verify it as faulty. Is there another explanation?


Anyone have any thoughts?


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Thanks for your reply GrantSP. I have recently reinstalled Windows and I don't have an antivirus set up yet :blush: so it can't be that. I have just set LOOT and MO as exceptions to my firewall too. No difference unfortunately.

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