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Fallout 4 1.5 Patch (Mods not loading?)



Edit: I'm using Mod Organizer 2.0.4


The recent 1.5 patch for Fallout 4 was officially released, and with it, a change with how Fallout 4 is handling mods, which from my messing around, may impact users of Mod Organizer because of the way Mod Organizer handles mods (ie. keeps them out of the Data Folder), and the way Bethesda has decided what mods Fallout 4 will use.


If you're affected by this, you'll get something like posted in this thread: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/4025275-missing-esm-files/


"This save file relies on content that is no longer present.
Some objects may no longer be available.
Continue Loading? 
Armor Keywords.esm


After that Fallout 4 crashes.


Solutions have included adding * at the start of esp files in the "plugins.txt" in the "appdata/local/Fallout" folder, but because Mod Organizer (atleast for me possibly because it had been read-only) hasn't touched this file, this obviously doesn't work.


In the Main Fallout 4 menu, there is a new "Mods" entry.  This leads to Bethesda's new mod portal which people can upload mods to which console users can now utilize.  Unfortunately, Fallout 4 is looking here to find out what mods are active, so you need to go into the Load Order (hit T on the keyboard), and Manually enable all your mods.  After enabling mods, the game will have to reload the data files.


If you're lucky, you might be able to load your save, otherwise you'll Crash to Desktop.


In Mod Organizer on the right-side panel in the Plugins Tab, all your plugins will be unselected, but this doesn't particularly matter, as Fallout 4 still detects the mods installed through Mod Organizer.  I think as long as they as they are checked on the left-side panel the game will detect them.  Unfortunately if you reload Fallout 4, all your mods in the Mods/Load Order will be unselected, meaning you have to re-enable all your mods once again, and at this point, I'm fairly certain every time you load up Fallout 4, because atleast for me it's not saving which mods are active.


Bethesda really F'd things up...


If anyone needs any further details on this, or would like to see it in action, I can record and upload a video walking through this.

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Issue 663 on the issue tracker has a work around for this. Tannin has said he will be working on a fix for this.

Ah, good to see it's being looked at and there's a work around for it.  I'll have to pay more attention to the issue tracker, though I'd figure I'd post here on the forums, as I hadn't seen anything about it.


I eventually decided to downgrade my version back to 1.4, though I had to deal with crashes relating to mods I had updated in an attempt to originally fix the issue.

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Hi everyone !

Is there a forum or somewhere to talk about Mod Organizer & Fallout 4 ?


Are there any news about the survival mode ?

We have this problem, where Fallout 4 unactivate all mods each time we load a survival save, and we have to activate them all one by one.

Mod Organizer is a must have mod manager, especially when we have many mods, but it's horrible to activate them all. So for now, I'm sulking the survival mode ^^


I believe Nexus Mod Manager fixed the problem (a workaround).

Is there a way that Tannin throw an eye on that ? How can we know the future development of Mod Organizer ?


Thanks !

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There isn't a specific F04 thread yet, but there is Mod Organizer 2 Discussion and Feedback this is a general thread for MO2 in general and not for mod talk.


Tannin has implemented a couple of .bat files that change things when game is launched and for the most part I believe they work. I have on occasion had the game tell me that some files are missing and when I check the Mods nothing is unchecked and my saves do not show ant missing plugins.

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