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LIVE Button available with Disabler Active - Huh?




So, I'm closing in on the finale of my own Modded Fallout 3, a very Non-FWE LITE experience.  I've launched a new game from the next-to-final profile; I've cleaned all the mods that required it with FO3Edit, and created a Bashed Patch as best I could (I'll admit I skipped over the Bashed Tags section as I'm just out of my depth there), so the only thing I HAVEN'T done is use DDSopt to optimize the textures that need to be, or use FO3LODGen.


The Issue (Is it?):  The 'LIVE' button is visible, though when I click on it, it just dims the menu options so it alone is visible, and another click on it returns everything to norm.  I've got FOSE working fine, confirming FOSE with "GetFOSEVersion" results in "FOSEVersion=1"; I've run Games for Windows LIVE Disabler from the desktop and left it on the desktop, and I chose the option to hide/remove the LIVE button.


I haven't run into this before, does anyone know what could be causing it?


The Mods I've installed in their relative installation and activation order.





Basic Utilities

- DDSopt (have edited the INI but not yet done anything with the (2.8?) batch files)
- FO3Edit (not the TES5Edit / xEdit, as I ran into an issue with Norton 360 for some reason)
- Merge Plugins xEdit Script
- Mod Organizer (duh)
- FO3LODGen (somewhat concerned about how I set it up in the MO Executables)
- Wrye Flash
- Chose to use CFF Explorer to add the LAA Flag to Fallout3.exe rather than the mod.
- Games for Windows LIVE Disasbler (post FOSE)
- Free Commander XE (not yet installed)
- Fallout 3 Interface Color Changer

Core Fixes (downloaded prior to Base UI HUD Mods, but installed after those)

- UPDATED Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch (v2.0.0) (required I set the data directory in this instance)
- New Vegas Anti-Crash
- Fallout Stutter Remover (with fixes as recommended)

Base UI HUD Mods

- DarNified UI + DarNified UI HOTFIX (set as a merge after downloading manually and placing in Downloads folder)
- Advanced Recon Trap Detection + Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision – Detect Traps Patch (merged per Guide)
- Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision
- Advanced Recon Range Finder
- Adjustable HUD – aHUD
- Immersive HUD – iHUD
- UIO – UI Organizer

Supplemental UI / HUD Mods

- no more dots
- I Dream of Electric Sheep (the Cyborg Perk option of Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision)

Additional Fixes

- Scribe Yearling takes all Pre-War Books

Texture Overhauls

- NMC’s Texture Pack for FO3 (using the Maximum version (AMD 7970))


- Fallout Street Lights
- Megaton Lighting Overhaul
- Realistic Interior Lighting – Paradox Ignition’s Mergers pack

Location, Location, Location

- DC Interiors Project – DCInteriors_combo Edition Total Merge

Environment Improvements

- Improved LOD Noise Texture

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

- Bornagain Combat Armor
- Bornagain fo3 t45d power armor
- Bornagain FO3 T51b
- Bornagain Outcast T-45d Power Armor
- Bornagain T51b Winterized PA Fix

Millenia’s Weapons

- Combat Shotgun replacer
- FO3-WRP – Weapon Retexture Project
- Mauser C96 replacer

Not Quite Power Armor, but Close ...

- Advanced Recon Stealth Armor
- Armored Regulator Duster
- Black Leather Armored Duster
- Wills Vault 101 Power Armor
- Wills Vault 101 Power Armor Advanced Recon Patch (Merged with Wills Vault 101 PA)

My additional Mods

- Weaponscanner (not using FWE, remember?)
- The Imaginator for FO3 – Visual Control Device
- DYNAVISION – Dynamic Depth of Field
- CINEMATECH – Film Grains and Styles
- Directors Chair – Total Visual Control



My Load Order as per LOOT



0 0 Fallout3.esm
1 1 Anchorage.esm
2 2 ThePitt.esm
3 3 StreetLights.esm
4 4 BrokenSteel.esm
5 5 PointLookout.esm
6 6 Zeta.esm
7 7 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm
8 8 Detect Traps.esm
9 9 Advanced Recon Tech.esm
10 a aHUD.esm
11 b iHUD.esm
12 c DCInteriors_ComboEdition.esm
13 d ImaginatorFO3.esp
15 f DarNifiedUIF3.esp
Advanced Recon Tech - Detect Traps.esp
Detect Traps - DLC.esp
Detect Traps - Perk.esp
16 10 Realistic Interior Lighting.esp
17 11 Advanced Recon Gear.esp
18 12 Detect Traps - The Traponator 4000.esp
19 13 Advanced Recon Tech.esp
20 14 Advanced Recon Range Finder.esp
21 15 IDreamOfElectricSheep.esp
22 16 YearlingBooks.esp
23 17 megalight.esp
Bornagain Zeta Combat Armor Texture Patch.esp
Bornagain Outcast T-45d Texture Patch.esp
24 18 Advanced Recon Armor.esp
25 19 Armored Duster.esp
26 1a Dark Justice Duster.esp
27 1b Wills Power Armor.esp
28 1c Wills Power Armor Advanced Recon Patch.esp
29 1d KHWeaponscanner.esp
30 1e DYNAVISION - Dynamic Lens Effect.esp
31 1f Directors Chair - Fallout 3.esp
32 20 Bashed Patch, 0.esp




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[spoiler=In Reply]



It might be that the non-FWE version of DarN doesn't grey it out, even though it is non-functional.





Thanks @ Himself & Kelmych!  Yeah, I'd seen that particular fix but had just decided to not worry about it / this topic as, stated by 13th General and GrantSP, it really doesn't seem to be causing any issues beyond that fact of it's visibility.  And, honestly, I'm just not feeling like messing around with the XML files myself to double check that that fix wouldn't do the trick.  When everything is said and done, I was really only concerned that the fact of the Live button still being visible / clicky was a symptom of something wrong I had done or whatever.  Thanks all.  :D

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only concerned that the fact of the Live button still being visible / clicky was a symptom of something wrong

I'm a much greater ***** than all of you when it comes to every little detail, thats for sure ^^


Heck, specially for things that break immersion. Just got pissed that all pills/medication were using a pip-boy description as being for rad stuff, so went and changed it:



If anyone wants, get file attached and change extension to .dds, file path is Data\textures\interface\icons\pipboyimages\items\item_rad_x.dds


Throw in folder or do all the extra work if using MO =P


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