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Steps to backup and restore stable, heavily-modded Skyrim install


Now that I have a good, stable game with over 200 mods installed - thanks to my recent discovery of S.T.E.P. and switching from NMM to MO - I'd like to be able to preserve that stable setup so I can restore from a backup in the event I need to reinstall Skyrim (HD crash, new computer, etc).


What exactly do I need to backup and how would I go about restoring it?



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    • By Haifisch7734
      when I try to install mods like SkyUI or Quality World Map, which need to run external installer, I get stuck at "running external installer" window for about 15-20 minutes, then I get errorcode 5 with this message:

      which means:
      The property 'InstallationPaths' could not be created from it's default value. Error message: Timed out waiting for a program to execute. The command being executed was "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\csc.exe" /noconfig /fullpaths @"C:\Users\Wojciech\AppData\Local\Temp\ehbjyame.cmdline".
      I found no solution for this in this forum and in the internet.
      I have Windows 10 and newest version of Mod Organizer.
    • By Sycler
      So I had everything working perfectly and then I decided I didn't want a certain mod (EFLX to be exact) and I uninstalled it along with several other mods. However, the above is the only one with a missing master.
      Google searches led me to stuff 3-4 years ago and is outdated.
      I read your FAQ, past posts (up to 6 months ago) and Manuel and couldn't find an exact answer or missed it. New to DynDolod so I'm a bit slow (started yesterday). 
      Can't use SEEdit because its grayed out so I cant do the delete masters trick.
      So do I need to start from scratch? Does this mean everything including running TEXgen again and delete the old stuff?
      As far as clean save, the DynoDolod is no longer in the mcm because of the missing master. Do you recommend me going installing the mods I removed to go back in and do what you specified in the manual before starting from scratch?
    • By Majorman
      Finally, with the recent drop in SSD prices, I have now ordered a SSD. Naturally, I plan to migrate my modded FNV from the HHD to the new location in order to optimize load time.
      I have read a guide on how to do it and for the time being, do not plan to use Steam Mover. However, I would very much appreciate your insights on how to migrate my mods properly without screwing up my savegames. This will help with preparation immensely.
      First of all, I would like to know whether during migration/Steam verification (after migrating the files), Steam will replace my modified .ini files and the 4GB-enabled .exe and delete NVSE?
      Secondly, I expect that I will have to fix all links to the FNV installation folder. This includes game utilities (xEdit, LOOT, Merge Plugins, etc.) installed in an separate location, but what about the ones installed in the game folder (MO Legacy, Wrye Bash)?
      Thirdly, how to migrate successfully assets located under C:/Users (I believe that there are some .ini files and savegames there)?
      Is there something else I should be careful about?
      Thanks in advance for any help in this.
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