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Error message when attempting it install ADAM.



I am attempting to install ADAM via Mod Organizer, following the specific instructions within EssArrBee's guide concerning ADAM and Mod Organizer. I grabbed the modified archive with the FOMOD installer. I double click to install, and follow the instructions: Select the "Complete Version", "No" to the NCR Trooper module, and "Yes" to the Project Nevada Patch. 


When I hit okay I am then presented with this message.




How might I fix this and any other possible future situation?

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Hmm, I have no idea what this "internal installer" pertains to.


Edit: So I think I found the solution only to trip along the way. I'm trying to follow what the guide says for after installation conercning the way LOOT organizes. However the instructions seem to focus on the older verion as I'm not seeing some of the options like "Load After" tab.

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