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Question about Mod Organizer + FNIS



So, after Updating FNIS Behavior through MO, 3 files get created and placed into the "Overwrite" folder, and we have to "create a new Mod" using MO with those files generated by FNIS.

But I tried running the animations in the game WITHOUT creating a new mod with the overwrite files, and the animations still worked perfectly.

What exactly is the purpose of "creating a new Mod" with the overwrite files? I assume it's to get the animation behaviors working properly, but then why are the animations working for me without the need to create the new mod?

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These new animations must exist in the "virtual file system" for the game to see them. If they are in the 'Overwrite' folder they exist in the VFS and thus the game will use them. However, since the 'Overwrite' folder should never be used as a permanent storage folder for anything, these files need to be placed into a folder that exists solely for them, this is what creating the mod does.


You should always move files out of the 'Overwrite' folder because it is always loaded and it always has the highest priority. Also every tool or mod that creates new files will dump them there and soon you could have a mess of files that you don't know where they come from or where they should go.

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