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A number of suggesions


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Better Rocks and Mountains:



fixes UV map issues with rock and mountain textures. 


Breezehome ladder fix (this might overlap with USKP):



Replaces ladders in breezehome and other interiors in white run.


crimson tide:



Technically a part of the texture pack combiner, but I think this needs its own entry.


dawngaurd delayed start:



Dawngaurd will not attack towns until you reach a certain level. Several options to choose from.


Disable no fast travel message:



No "you cannot fast travel here" message.


Disease and Descriptions:



More descriptive diseases 


Dragon Remains:



Dragons whole body remains instead of just the skeleton when it dies.


Female Vampires Have Fans:




Gives vampire females fangs. USKP overlap? Not sure.


Female Werewolf:



A new mesh and textures for female werewolf. Adult and censored. 


First-Person Messages:



Changes third person messages "you do this" to first person "i do this" and has options to change the menus to match. Scribe instead of save, restore instead of continue, ect.


Guards guard the player from thugs:



Guards will come to your aide when attacks by thugs.


Lynges Real Arrows Mod:



Three mods. One makes arrows fly faster, another removes trailing effect for shot arrows, and another removes stereo sound when you arrow hits something. Its a "dung" sort of sound it removes.


main menu wallpaper replace with randomizer:



Check this mod out here with my full review:




Mark Books as Read:



When you read a book or note, the title changes to ~[Title], so that it naturally sorts to the bottom of your inventory.





When NPCs say "i yield, i yield!" the will pause for a while, then get up and stop being hostile to the player instead of returning to attacking you.


No Salt for Meat Recipes:



Removes salt requirement for most meat recipes. 


Player headtracking:



Player in third person will watch people more intelligently. Switch to look at people who are close, prioritizes talking npcs (can track a conversation between two or more npcs) and other features. Excellent for realism and roleplaying. 


ProudSpire manor bug fixes:



Fixes bugs in prouspire manor, in particular the house carl and your spouse will sleep in the correct places. Might overlap with USKP.


Race Description info:



Provides better descriptions of races in race menu.


Realistic lighting with customization:



Wonderful lighting mods. Has a lot of ITMS but the authors are aware of it and have said the ITMS should not cause any crashes ( a product of a mult modder team). 


Realistic werewolves sound overhaul:



Better werewolf sounds. I prefer the original over feral myself. 


See you Sleep:



When you wake up in a bad, you character will play an animation showing you sleeping and getting up. Has a few small quirks but seems to work well otherwise. 


Shouts in the dragon tongue:



Shouts are shown in glyphs in the menu instead of words. I prefer the option with hints. 


SM Drop lit torches:



If you have a torched equipped, and you draw a two handed weapon, a lit torch drops as a static item in front of you. 


Soul Gems differ:



Technically included in the texture pack combiner suite, but I think it needs its own entry. Textures look different on soul games based on wether or not they are filled. 


Stones of barnzian quest markers:



Map markers for all the stones of barenziah to make finding them easier. 


Thieves Guild requirements:



Brynolf will not approach you to steal for him until you pick pocket and steal a little by yourself. 



Vampire lords can Loot and Activate:



In vampire lord form, you can loot corpses, containers, and activate objects. Fast travel and map are no implemented. 


Varied Gaurds and stormcloacks:



Guards and storm cloack will have random pieces of armor added to the inventory so that different npcs look slightly different. Mostly iron armor and hid pieces. 


Improved Closed helmets:



Makes helms that appear to have gaps in them, like guard helms and imperial closed face helms, actually have mesh gaps so you can see the NPC and player fact underneath them. 

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This list needs to be refined so mods with potential can be tracked easier by the guys working on Step. We all want the best experience. The vast majority of the mods listed are indeed already in Step or the Texture pack combiner, others have been removed, with the exact reason mentioned in the Step PDF file, you should give it a read.


There are quite a few good mods in there though, all the more reason to filter the list for future reference.

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I just want to re-iterate what Fri said: don't just list the mods and give a sentence about each one. Join the mod's discussion thread with some hard data. Make sure it's clean and packaged correctly, list any conflicts either with other resources or ESPs, etc. The more information we have about a mod the easier it is for us to determine if it can be included.


(Also, red text looks bad against the blue theme.)

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(Also' date=' red text looks bad against the blue theme.)[/quote']



I actually read all the way through to see if I could find some new cool mods, but felt the need to re-iterate that the red text is very, very hard to read. Even though this post doesn't follow the rules, there's still a lot of good information here that some people may find useful if only the titles were easier to read.

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I will eventually make new threads for all the mods not already in STEP, not excluded from STEP, and not already discussed, and do a much better job of describing and reviewing them. In the mean time, i will change the red text to black in case some people find this post at all helpful and delete some of the duplicates from step.

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I will eventually make new threads for all the mods not already in STEP' date=' not excluded from STEP, and not already discussed, and do a much better job of describing and reviewing them. In the mean time, i will change the red text to black in case some people find this post at all helpful and delete some of the duplicates from step.[/quote']

I merged your iHuD thread into the Immersive HUD thread in our anthology.  Please use the search tool before you make a new thread, we don't need any more duplicates than there already are.  

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