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Data pane ghost entry.





i have a very weird bug.


the data pane which to my understanding is the virtual folder that skyrim gonna run is full of entry but i do not have enabled anything.


except skyrim esm and update esm.  


i have a lot of entry, 












my steam skyrim folder doesn't have those folder,  nothing is loaded in the write pane and in the plugin tab.


when i right click those entry nothing happen,  except for those that are actually there.


if i create a new profile, they diaper but as soon as i try to change the order of the official plugin (without enabling them) they suddenly reapered...


i have tried to reinstall skyrim, 

reinstall mod organizer even downgraded then upgraded.


i even reinstalled windows, (well updraded to win10) 


it is very problematic because those entry overide anymods and crash to desktop ...

they seem to be official entry


exemple :


meshes\dungeon\doors\animated\puzzledoor\ puzzeldoorDLC2amethyst.nif  (unmanaged:dragonborn (dragonborn.bsa))


I have a tone of those. for every dlc


I cant even launch the base game with or without dlc.

if i launch the game normally with steam every thing is peachy. (except no mods !)

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Nothing you have described is a problem. Those entries in the 'Data' tab of MO's right-hand pane are from the vanilla game.


Once you add mods and enable them in MO's left-hand pane the files that are contained in them will appear and override those vanilla files if you have them with the correct priority.


You should however view the video tutorials and read through the wiki on how to setup and use MO.

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Thanks you for you answers, 


however it doesn't make any sense.


What you are telling me, is that those entry.  Are somehow extracted from there respective BSA, before they are even enabled ? WHY?


I have read the wiki, i have watch Both gother and "official step video" as well as others guide and resources about mod organizer.


As a last effort I did reinstall windows, reinstall steam(obviouly), reinstalled skyrim. reinstalled mod organizer . and launched skyrim throught mod organizer  and I do get a CTD.


I launch Skyrim thought steam without those ghost entry as a pristine data folder = no issues.


I launch Skyrim with or without DLC, thought mod organizer + those ghost enrty (original ini, without any mod "pure vanilla". I get CTD as soon as I load a new game).


Now the only constants here is those ghost entry that should not be there. why would they be out of there BSA ? (specifically why mod organizer extract them to what purpose?) 


The other constant is the BSA. as I didn't re download them, but instead used them from the vanilla backup = done as per step installation.


Now I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm only saying I do not understand.


Please refer me to the require piece on the wiki or the exact video, because I don't remember having seen those issues addressed.


And the most intriguing thing is that if I do not touch anything in mod organizer, the first time I install it, those ghost entry are not present. 


The game launch correctly.


But as soon I as I try to touch load order (First install = load order isn't correct) those entry pops, and I get CTD.

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Okay... besides the fact that upgrading your OS means you probably are going to have to fix your graphics drivers to avoid CTD, those ghost entries sound like normal behavior for the Data tab in the right pane. MO detects your DLC and adds them to the list automatically, so you can prioritize them with the Unofficial Patches. The Data tab is kinda like viewing everything in 7-zip. It shows what is inside the archives without extracting them.


Unless I am completely misunderstanding you, which is possible.

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The 'ghost' entries are files contained within the vanilla BSAs (read, not extracted). They are always read by the game (and MO by proxy when you set load order).


I can't really say anything but that this has nothing to do with your CTDs. You should be able to right click those entries and see what they are associated with, IIRC.

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Oky thanks.


That make sense,  the 7zip analogy did it for me.


as I have said,  the second constant was the BSA themselves. which are probably corrupt.


So I 'm gonna re install skyrim from scratch, by downloading everything, which gonna last for a couple of days, (I can only download few hours everyday without pissing off  the all house) and I don't have a super-fast connection.


That is why I didn't do it at first. was kinda the last recourse.


as for reinstalling the video drivers, it kinda obvious too. and I'm an IT professional too. Installing os IS my job. 


never-mind the fact that windows 10 come pretty much with up to date drivers, being a few months old itself ? 


I believe it ship with nvidia 355.60 and the current one are 355.98  if you read the release highlight (aka patch note) it's only very minor adjustment. 


and one gold rules in IT is  to update as a last recourse...


(this is also why the only release of windows 10 that you can really stop automatic update is the windows 10 enterprise.) because it is dangerous. updating automatically without thinking often lead to disaster. and I seriously doubt any server as automatic update enabled.


Any good network admin will tell you the same. (I'm not saying to not update. but doing it blindly for the sake of being up to date, is not the correct way of  dealing with data processing)


so no! updating is not the first thing to do. it's a pretty dangerous advice to give.


and if you did not mean "update", but "fiddling with Nvidia setting". it doesn't make more sense 


especially since vanilla skyrim doesn't have any driver problem and it's pretty much stable under default settings. maybe back in the day ....


Anyway thank you  all, for taking the time to help me. it is very much appreciated. Especially on so short time.

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