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Script system running slow



Hi to all, i have an issue i haven't had before, i am playing with a not big load, about 70 esp and a not to big bunch of texture packs, most of them optimized.

I am using frostfall and a more hotkeys mod, and now and then i got a message from frostfall that my script system (maybe i am not totally correct about the message, but sure more than one knows what i am talking about) is running slow and i also noticed that when i change armour sets, the change is not sharp

I played other Skyrim through whit heavier work load and didn't have that issue, My system is powerful more that enough to run all this, but still got that frostfall message

My ini ..pref is untouched if is not the recommendations of STEP and the Syrim.ini aside of STEP, has only added:







Not mention SKSE is installed but not ENBoost, seems i do not need it, got almost no crashes


Can anyone here give me a clue what to look for or something i can do?  As i said before in another time got not that message and armour chage was sharpie



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Can we end the erroneous papyrus tweaks. Leave everything at default except

Allowing scripts to process up to 800ms is absurd. I can understand 1.6ms and 2.4 but 800ms sounds really fishy.

As for the long script times, I think low fps can kind of cause it as well as some other -now optimized- mods.


The only thing I can recommend is to wait for ff3.0 because ff3.0 and campfire are significantly quicker.

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fUpdateBudgetMS and fExtraTaskletBudgetMS are way too high. The higher you set them, the higher the chance that scripts will decrease your fps. Check this: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/2gwvwl/guide_papyrus_ini_settings_and_why_you_shouldnt/


A quote: "If you set this to something like 800 ms, then you're allowing scripts to delay the drawing of a frame by nearly one whole second."


I recently tried values like 1.6, 1.8 & 2.4 max for fUpdateBudgetMS (default is 1.2) to see if they could help with DynDOLOD's scripting, because I noticed stuttering that (I think) didn't have to do with Enboost's memory management or VRAM. I seemed to already notice a slightly lower FPS at values above 2.0. Apart from that I couldn't tell if script lag had decreased, so I reverted to default settings.

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Hi  both of you, many thanks for your answers and help


I got that numbers from here:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/1153/?


Thanks Pretendeavor, I will read that link head to toes :)


Aside of that you both must right, the thing is that as i said i played another play-through with a much heavier load (esp) and textures and didn't have that problem, and as i said too, i only have crashes time to time and only when i die several time in the same spot, is always like that, after dying four or five times (even more) in one of those "reboots" i crash to desktop, it is curious.


But about the settings I don't understand, you Hishutup say that fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=800 it is absurd but you post fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000 which if i do understand OK, is even higher...


You Hishutup are surely right, leaving everything by default (ini's) but i wanted to es if i could get a bit more of juice from my rig, and Tweaking Papirus seemed OK, i now is a lot of trash out there, but neither i think all is trash, some people reports better FPS and "sharpiness response" in game


That is why, hopping not being stupid, i would like to ask you about another setting, I have a 6 + 6 core processor,. windows 8 do not park processors but seeing a lot that tweak in may sites: (I t is generic as i had said i have a 6 + 6 processor (6 +hyprethreaded) so the setting for me "should" be 12..


















I really would like to hear about your oppinio, TX

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Allowing scripts to process up to 800ms is absurd. I can understand 1.6ms and 2.4 but 800ms sounds really fishy.


By this he meant the fUpdateBudgetMS and fExtraTaskletBudgetMS I think. fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=2000 is okay and in general the only Papyrus tweak that is considered acceptable. From the STEP wiki:



Default is 2000 (although default set by the game from the Skyrim_default.ini is 500).



Then about Papyrus tweaks..




neither i think all is trash, some people reports better FPS and "sharpiness response" in game

I've read quite a lot of reports too, all over the internet. Some values might work for your particular setup and you might notice improvements.. or it's all placebo. I feel that most of these tweaks are simply copied from guides from like 2012 and never tested. Then people start up their game, see an increase of 10 fps simply because they looked in another direction or have also changed something in their enblocal.ini, and attribute that increase of fps solely to the Papyrus tweaks they just made. I'd like to see some well documented and isolated tests regarding these tweaks and how they should improve performance, and I haven't found any so far. (That doesn't mean that there aren't any, I just haven't found them so I remain skeptical :p) If you have found credible results of these kinds of tweaks that indicate that they indeed do improve performance without messing up your game, be sure to post them because I'd be interested ^^


About those threading tweaks, I think a lot of them might be placebo too, but I can't say anything for certain. Perhaps you can find some info about these settings on the STEP wiki. I never tried them myself

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Ok. I have deleted all inis and restarted the game and ONLY make the STEP ini recomendations

I have only about 62 esp and some text packages, totally sure i am not abusing

Got a crash just starting the game and got back to recheck everything (once more)

Read in my memoryblockLock the first reached the 256 just starting the new game (alternate start) and even before i got to build up my character. It is that number supposed to be reached, 256?

The second block at the cash was 176


My skse ini is set to 256 - 768

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