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YouTube ads have returned with a vengeance for me


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I'm not exactly sure why or how this has happened, I tend to think it might be the latest Chrome update, but I am now getting ads whenever I watch any YouTube videos. For years I've had Chrome and Ghostery, now I have uBlock, and I have never had any pre-load videos show up. Now if I watch anything I get a 30 sec video before the main feature, and if the video is longer than 30min I get one midway through and then one on completion.

Does anyone else with Chrome get a flood of ads now in YouTube and if not what setup do you have?

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Before neo's post, I was going to mention that Chrome is Google just like YouTube is Google, so they will want to force their ads onto users whenever possible, and doing so in the browser itself is effectively a selective ad-blocker blocker.


This is another reason why I stay away from Chrome and generally all solutions that are made by a single proprietor (MS, Google). They market 'convenience' but for them more than for users.

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Not only do I block all adverts but I also block website adverts asking me to turn off my adblock. I wouldn't mind ads if they were not so intrusive and were not an easy way to install viruses onto my computer. Here's how I block them:


You need to have add block plus

install Greasemonkey (for firefox) or tampermonkey (chrome)


Then go to

Go to step 3...
and install the the 5 scripts in greasemonkey / tampermonkey
They should auto install but if they don't you can even copy and paste them in. it is pretty simple to get it to work.


If you want to see my Mozzilla add-on security collection then just click on the link.


You can also read my blog entry on Internet and Browser Security if you're bored.

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Thanks for the info, Kate ...


OT: do you have a lot of kids? (love that user name)

hahahaha that's funny :woot: 

no kids yet but I'm working on it  :teehee:  :turned:  ::): ::P:

I once read an article about a real bionic uterus (yes they actually exist) and the whole idea just blew my mind. It was such a cool idea that I adopted the nic and then after just added my name in front of it. It gets one of two reactions. 1) they declare it is the best name ever; 2) They confuse an organ that is part of  the female reproductive system and for the purpose of sexual reproduction with the other organs used during sexual intercourse and to create sexual desire. I have actually had to tell some forum administrators that if they were in my bedroom about to have sex and I showed them my uterus that they would run out of my house :sick:  :angel: :devil: :cop:

It is a catchy name and rolls off the tongue well.


I am pleased that you found my post informative. When you add Ghostery, No-Script, RequestPolicy and the new version of Dr. Web Link Checker and a few others found on my Mozilla security add-on list they will block almost all advertising. A few of them are redundant but when it comes to security redundancy is your friend.


Cheers ~ktbu :alien:

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... for context to last post and you Seinfeld fans: Uterus is not the part of the female anatomy that rhymes with the name 'Doloris'


Also, I had better remind everyone to behave in their responses to these last couple of posts. We are talking about the womb here and nothing more :whistling:

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