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Thank you for this wonderful guide!

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Hello :)


Just wanted to say thank you to Neovalen for all the time you must have spent writing and testing this extensive guide. I knew basically nothing about Skyrim modding (this is pretty much my first time playing Skyrim at all) and my husband and I had very little difficulty following it, though it definitely takes a while! It may not be much, but I thought I would share my screenshots in thanks.


I made only a couple of minor changes to the appearance of Skyrim that deviated from the Skyrim Revisited guide. Some pictures might have Rayek's End (player house), Immersive Weapons, the SoS body (everything is completely work-safe), vanity/statless gear, and some hairstyles or warpaints from mods not featured in SR. Feel free to use them if you need them for anything.


Before Skyrim Revisited, I tried to do my own install just based on whatever I thought looked good, and I had NO idea what I was missing out on. You obviously agonized over every single texture to decide which one was best. I haven't felt so immersed and in love with a game in a very long time. I've had a great time playing and taking screenshots and can't wait to play all the way through. Thanks to you and all the testers and mod authors (I'll get to them all eventually!) who made this happen. I'm so grateful! I will keep adding to the screenshot album as I go.



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