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Mod Organizer not installing mods via the external intaller



Running windows 10


Fresh installation of Mod Organizer via the installer. Have only NVSE and the 4GB memory patch. Both run the game.


Attempted to install Project Nevada installer ran for 30 minutes plus with no installer menu popping up.


The only thing is I deleted the game off my admin account and set it up in a games account on my computer. Re-installed steam and the game there as well. Removed all files from the admin account. The game ran fine on the admin account. 


The problem is just with the external installer.

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Check your AV package to ensure MO or any sub-folders are not flagged as protected. This sounds exactly like a similar user's issue only a few days ago that had AVG antivirus installed and it was stopping the installer process from completing due to AVG taking control.


In the future if you could provide a bit more information to assist in any issues you face, that would be helpful. MO has a logging feature that places good diagnostic material in the 'logs' folder. These are invaluable.

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I uninstalled MO, Steam, and the game after I uninstalled AVG. Reinstalled in C:\Users\Gamer\games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas

for the game. C:\Users\Gamer\games\Mod organizer for MO. Tried loading Project Nevada again. Same issue external loader ran for 30 plus minutes. 


Uninstalled and reinstalled in C:\Users\admin\games\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas. External installers worked like a charm.


I forgot all about the logs in MO will put a note in my manually down loaded mods folder

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