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4GB Launcher crashes after a few seconds when using DarnUI



For the past few days I've been struggling to figure out why the updated 4GB launcher crashes new vegas after a few seconds (FalloutNV has stopped working), despite the game running fine through NVSE.


After experimenting with profiles, ini-tweaks, and enabling and disabling mods, I've narrowed things down to what I believe causes the issue.  When I'm using the ini edit necessary for DarnUI to use the correct fonts (as seen here), the game crashes after a few seconds when using the 4GB launcher.


Any other mods have no impact on this, I've tried using only DarnUI and the issue still occurs. I've tried using the edit both as an ini-tweak and as an edit to the profile's ini file, but the crash still occurs. It's not an issue with writing to the ini file, as the other ini edit I made to disable mouse acceleration works fine. I'm able to run the game through FNV4GB without the ini edit, but then DarnUI doesn't appear to load at all (no change in ui, no DarnUI icon in lower-left corner).


I've tried reinstalling the game a few times already, it had no effect.

I've also tried the 4GB launcher argument fix from the Fear and Loathing guide (although it should be noted I am not following the guide), it made no difference.


And yes, I do have more than 4GB of RAM.

If there's any other information I need to provide, please let me know.

Any help is seriously appreciated, thanks in advance.



Upon further investigation, it seems the game just doesn't load mods when using the 4GB launcher. However, a crash doesn't result because the game isn't trying to load files that aren't there (like with the ini edit). Sorry for the incorrect info in the original post. I would edit the title if I could, as it's far too specific now. Just to clarify once more, the issue is actually that no mods are loaded when using the 4GB launcher.


Based on what I know, the argument from the FaL guide should fix this, but it doesn't. Again, sorry for the incorrect OP.

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