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New user, following NV Step Guide but differences in (default) MO official DLC mod order



Hey people :)


New member here. I recently built a new gaming PC and one of my dreams has always been playing a fully tricked out version of New Vegas since I already loved that game so much on the PS3. I bought the ultimate edition on Steam, and since this morning I started following EssArrBee's STEP guide.


Everything has been going smoothly until I arrived at step 5 of "Setting up Mod Organizer". This is written there:




Check that the official DLC is sorted correctly.
  1. In the left pane make sure the official DLC are listed as the first mods when sorted by priority. Left Pane: Columns
    • New users should have something that looks like the image here.

So I take a look at that image for new users here https://wiki.step-project.com/File:FNV_Non-MO.png

But, while it has the same content as my Mod Organizer left pane, my MO's content is in a different priority order. This is what it looks like on my version: https://i.imgur.com/WbjpioX.png


Now, as the load priority is somewhat different and I'm totally new to this modding scene, I'd like to ask what I should do before I move on with the Step guide.

Does "should have something that looks like the image here" mean, you should have these items, or more like, you need to have these items in this order?

If the answer's the latter, what could I possibly have done wrong already? Someone have any idea?


And do I move the load order manually so it looks like the one in the Step guide screenshot? Or ignore it altogether, and let LOOT/MO do the ordering work down the road?


Note: I also had a Bashed Patch, 0.esp in my MO left pane. I looked it up and it seems that was created automatically because of opening Wrye Flash NV not through MO (I did that for changing a setting mentioned in the guide), so I deleted that 1 kb file in the Data folder. I hope I didn't do anything wrong with that as well.



Thanks to everyone that's willing to help me out :)

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