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MO integration with Nexus and last downloaded





I have been using MO for about a year and have been very, very happy with the application and it's advanced tools for Mods. I recently noticed that my downloads from the Nexus are not registering? Last download could be broken but as I no longer use Nexus Mod Manager wondered if downloads directed to MO are not properly being tracked. I noted that my manual download of DynDOLOD shows correctly.


What version of Nexus MM are people reporting in MO at this time? What would be best practice and could perhaps fix my issue?


Thank you

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Most, if not all, issues with Nexus related functions not working inside MO can be resolved with a clearing of the 'webcache' folder.

Ensure that you have the correct login details entered into your MO settings and possibly do a restart. A user posted this same issue on the Bug Genie yesterday and then updated it with the fix coming after a restart of his system.

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I primarily use Chrome for all of my browsing and I cleared cookies and cache. This issue has been going on for sometime on my system when I look at my Nexus File Tracking history. I check the Nexus 2-3 times a week for updates and so I am not personally concerned that I am missing anything. 

  1. Cleared Cookies & Cache in Chrome & IE11
  2. Updated Nexus MOD Manager (had not used in six months) re-established priority as default and downloaded a few mods. They updates last update download on Nexus correctly.
  3. Launched MOD Organizer and took the default back to and downloaded a few Mods again to see if any updates occur on the Nexus.
  4. No changes to the dates when Nexus sends a Mod to Mod Organizer it does not acknowledge that I have downloaded it.
  5. Changed MOs versions of NMM in settings to no avail. 


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Huzzah!! You are correct Sir!


Path: \Mod Organizer\webcache\ *delete all*


This resolved my issue. The Nexus is now reflecting any downloads and dates correctly. Sorry for the delay in reply but real life kept me away from my hobby. Much appreciated GrantSP!  ::D:

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