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Help upgrading to new MO version



I posted this is the F&LNV forum, but this is probably a better place for it.


So I spent 10 hours following this guide:




and learned a lot about modding the process, but after I completed my mod build and got FNVEdit to report 0 errors, fnv4gb won't launch out of MO. I checked these forums and sure enough, there are threads about it. Because I'm a derp, I installed an older version of MO that seems to have trouble loading fnv4gb.exe all the time (I know the new version of MO was recently having issues, too, but people are saying the issues with the current MO are resolved). I really, REALLY don't want to have spend all day reconstructing this mod build for the newer MO, though, so is there any way to upgrade to the new version and keep the list intact?


EDIT 1: No, the upgrade button in the top right doesn't work. Says I need to install manually.

EDIT 2: Yes, the BSAs in the archive tab are all ticked.

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After fiddling with the files for a couple of hours, I've figured it out. Backing up the plugins and downloads folders and then overwriting them in the new version's folder seems to work fine.

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