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MO changed Plugins


After finally completing the full expanded step install MO advised me to change the plugin order so I did even though it's not the same as step says. SKSE always leaves an overwrite files too after a game session... see foto. thx

Didn't install DoLod yet since I wanted to test the step install so far. Everything seems fine but there is some chunkyness from yours and others' shadows from fire in the caves and on walls behind the jarl guy in whiterun (1st quest). Steams fps counter shows  55-60 so not bad for a XFX Black 7950. Thanks to Gamer poets for the assistance and good video's, and the mod masters of course... thx



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The install order in the STEP guide is correct so you can ignore Mod Organizer's warning about the plugin order.


After you run the Dual Sheath Redux patcher, the STEP guide says to right click on the Overwrite and create a mod named DSR Output. From looking at the screenshot, it looks as if you haven't run this yet. When you do, you should end up with the SkyProc Patchers folder and Dual Sheath Redux Patch.eps in overwrite.

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Make sure you follow the guide's additional information tips. The link next to MO in the STEP guide takes you to this page. Notice STEP recommends disabling the plugin that checks for load order errors.

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