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Followers never heal - just crawl and crawl.


Hello all! 

Finished my install and L-O-V-I-N-G it! Having three followers, all mounted, following me through the now BEAUTIFUL mountains of Skyrim makes me smile. 


I have run into a weird thing and I could use some help diagnosing whether it is intended behavior or a bug... The only deviations from the guide: I skipped Frostfall, iNeed and Bathing in Skyrim mods.


So, here is what is going on. I have my followers follow me into battle, they get wounded (I think it is called the Bleedout stage?) and are ignored by the enemies. I mop up; and my followers crawl behind me. And crawl, and crawl. They will not heal no matter what. I give them healing potions, nothing. I try Healing Hands, nothing. I wait for hours, nothing. However, if I dismiss them from my service, wait several days and then go find them at their homes, they will rejoin my service at full health with no issues. Until the next time they are wounded.


Anyone else experienced this? Did I screw up my install somehow? So far it is not a deal-breaker, I can dismiss them and re-recruit them later of course but I was just wondering if there was a simple Mod Configuration setting or workaround that would solve this minor issue or if it was a true bug. Thanks so much!    

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NPC Knockout Overhaul also doesn't seem to play very well with follower mods like Arissa, whether the No Follower KO option is checked or not. Or this might be another problem on my end. Do you happen to have installed any follower mods like that? (Sofia, Arissa, Inigo.. etc)

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I've noticed similar things happen with followers and NPC Knockout Overhaul when I checked the No Follower KO option. With this checked they stay in the 'crawl stage' once they get wounded. With it unchecked they can be knocked out (but I find this really annoying because you have to wait for an hour for them to stand up again). Maybe you also have this option checked?

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Hey all, 

Sorry for the extreme delay in responding... I was called abroad for work. Really cuts into play time ya know? Pretendeavor, you hit it right on the head first try. It was exactly the No Follower KO option was checked. After it was unchecked, the behavior returned to what was expected. Thank you so much! Back to enjoying the game! 

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      Hello to all and thank you for any help in advance. Also, this is my first post so I apologize if anything is incorrect and I do not post correctly. 
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