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Hi Neovalen,


I can not thank you enough for sharing your monumental task AND sharing it to others in such a way that others can follow no matter their experience, ability or confidence in modding. You are teaching many people so much about modding, computers and the behind-the-scenes-programming of Skyrim (and as a high school teacher, I believe you are a natural).


One frustration I have with Mod Organiser (Australian way of spelling it) is that the categories do not match up with Nexus or NMM. I looked up whether or not this can be changed and found an enterprising fellow (HentaiJin) that made up a .dat file to install in  the MO folder that changes the categories so that they correspond to the categories found at Nexus (SEE https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/473728-mod-organizer/page-681). Since you state that you categorise your mods in MO, I was wondering if you were aware of it. 


I also have taken a strategy to organise all of the mods and programs needed to install SRLE into a SRLE Folder that then has sub folders corresponding to your sub headings in the walkthrough (see below). 


SRLE Folders.docx 


I know it is a bit OCD, but with so many mods and with weird naming by authors that can make it hard to find some, reinstalling SRLE becomes so much easier. I just dump each .7z in the corresponding category. I am guessing that when you make alterations that this folder system can then be soooo much easier to update my mods.


In your walkthrough to install the AWESOME SRLE, a tweak that can be added to each mod listing could also be to add a new sub-heading "Nexus category" under "Version" so that it can easily be categorised as installation takes place (for people like me that already have the mods and are just reinstalling them).


Anyway keep up the good work. Sorry for being so verbose.


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