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Black skies when enable effects





I recently got Skyrim for PC and decided to try and install S.T.E.P. as the first mod, maybe a little complicated. I tired following the instructions in order, installing all the mods (following the instructions if provided), everything seemed to have gone fine, game loads and everything, however, I did not notice a huge increase in the graphics. I then noticed on the opening screen shift + enter opens up a menu where you can enable effects. I enabled the effects and noticed a huge improvement, water was so clear, environment and lighting improved hugely but with all of this new beauty, the sky is completely black. I think it must to be do with a texture or mesh not loaded properly, however, being new to this, I have no idea where to start or how to identify where this is, especially as there are so many mods.

I am using mod organiser for the mod manager.

Any help or suggestions of where to start would be hugely appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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In enblocal.ini set:


The rest of the memory parameters should be set according to the ENBoost mod page on the wiki: https://wiki.step-project.com/ENBoost

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