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why are there fomod instructions in sr?


A bit confused by that, since FOMOD isn't listed as a tool for the SR install process, and I assume it refers to Fall Out Mod Organizer.


For example, I don't think that these FOMOD instrucitons apply to me if I'm installing Dragon Stalking Fix via MO, right? Just install the mod by clicking install and be done with it, yes?

Dragon Stalking Fix

Author: Sevencardz
Version: 1.2

 [CollapseFOMOD Instructions
Main File

Click next to proceed with installation.

  • Install Dragon Stalking Fix

Installation Method

Choose an installation method.

  • Loose Files Only (Advanced)

Mod Edition

Choose an edition of the mod to install.

  • Loose files for Dragonborn

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FOMOD is just the type of xml installer, its basically the same between Fallout and Skyrim and thus uses the FOMOD acronym. When you install a FOMOD mod with MO it should pop up with an installer window in MO that looks similar to whats displayed in the guide.

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      DOH! AWOP PATCHES FOMOD....suppose I should learn how to read again.
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