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  1. I am using NMM and LOOT and used LOOT to set load order. Curious if there are any plugins that need to readjusted in load order. Many thanks.
  2. Hey folks Been awhile since I played Skyrim and I'm giving it another go with SE. I remember a bunch of INI file tweaks that were suggested as part of the STEP process. Is there a similar suggestion for INI tweaks for Special Edition? One thing I'll probably want to do is increase the FOV to 85 or 90. Thanks.
  3. I just began a new game using the Extended STEP install. Would I need to begin a new game if I install this mod pack?
  4. Solved in that I went to Whiterun and it triggered, but odd that it happened at all.
  5. Thanks Kelmych, I renamed so that its SKSE.ini. I noted that there is no SKSE plugins folder within the main SKSE folder, maybe b/c the actual name of my SKSE mod folder is skse 1 07 02. Renaming it to SKSE and I will move the Plugins folder that's in MO overwrite to the SKSE folder.
  6. Just finished a STEP Extended install, and with one or two minor hiccups, it's going well. But I've encountered something odd about the main quest that I don't recall happening in prior games (either vanilla or modded). In Riverwood, my main quest is to talk to Gerdur, which I have done several times. She mentions there's something that she needs my help with, but never tells me, and walks away. I've exhausted all the optional conversations with her, and am unsure why this quest isn't continuing. If I recall, she asks me to travel to Whiterun to tell the Jarl. Does anyone have any advice here? Thanks.
  7. I noticed in Riverwood when I went into both the Inn and the merchant shops that there was a load continuous rumbling sound. At some point I noticed that some of the objects seem a bit jumpy, with a few swords being knocked across the room when I approached them. This movement doesn't happen that often, but the rumbling sound does. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
  8. To be specific, the contents taht are created in my overwrite folder every time I play has the following structure: SKSE >Plugins >>Smart Souls.ini >>SKSE Elys AltF4.log >>Fuz Ro D'oh.ini So maybe it's not my SKSE install that was off, but the install of those three mods? To create the SKSE followed the STEP instructions: put skse loader, steamloader.dll and skse 1_9_32 are in the main Skyrim folder I then created the SKSE mod for MO via these steps: Install skse scripts into Mod Organizer. Click the Archive button. Browse to and select the downloaded skse archive. In the manual installation prompt, right-click data and select Set data directory. It should say it Looks good, and not say No game data at top level. Click OK And then created the skse.ini with these settings: [General] ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 [Memory] DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 ScrapHeapSizeMB=256 I rewatched the tutorial vid and confirmed that my approach matches the one there. SKSE 1 07 02 is the first mod in MO, above the Distant Decal Fix. One thing I notice is that in the Filetree tab for SKSE in MO, that the SKSE.ini that I created in the SKSE folder is SKSE.ini.txt. I don't know if that's significant.
  9. I wonder if it's related to the FOMOD issue that can apparently sometimes happen when installing skyui in MO: Users: Troubleshooting: if SkyUI does not work properly after installing in MO, try to: Remove SkyUI mod from MORe-package SkyUI archive without fomod folderInstall re-packaged archive with MO I might try this and see
  10. I know this has been asked before so my apologies for posting but I looked for a thread on the subject but coulnd't find it. So what's the best practice as far as the SKSE folder that is continually generated in the MO Overwrite folder...delete it every time? Thanks.
  11. I noticed this in both a failed SR Legendary Edition install (which I gave up and restarted everything, including my Skyrim install, from scratch) and in the STEP extended install that I just finished: After I open MCM and make a few adjustments to a particular mod, MCM stops responding. It doesn't freeze, it's just that selecting things doesn't do anything. I have to close out of the MCM menu and then reopen. I did a search on these forums for MCM + freeze and didn't find anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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