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Suggestion for SRLE perfection

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I really want to not just like but love Neo's SRLE but one thing is clearly and very clearly visible in Neo's setup and that is significant oversaturation because of vividian enb.So Uptill now we didnt had any proper alternate enb to go along but now  TAZ enb sure is the answer.Every thing in this enb is amazing and it quantifies the effect of SRLE glory.It just has one issue with distant LOD which has not yet been resolved and i think neo as an mod author can surely fix it.It is much better than vividian and it has the best of ELFX and RLO.So we dont even need them.


Next is Immersive beds.Immersive beds is much better than iWasm for sleeping mechanics.Its not in everyone's setup yet because people miss the Enb fix file which is there.


Next, one amazing mod to truly transform Skyrim to its very core The ultimate NPC Overhaul.The most amazing mod i have seen and it is extremely lore friendly.It gives NPC a makeover but they are the same and real.Building an amazing world around with 2k and 4k mods with so unreal people feels like a crime for modding ofcourse the task was so large people decided to overlook it but i am very strongly in favour of this mod.


Sexy Winterhold.Believe me its lore friendly and looks amazing with any enb.


Next is Elemental Dragons.Its makes it all real fun.I am not gonna brag for this one but it will be nice to have it.

And last is Improved NPC Clothing And Elaborate Textiles.I just dont get it how anyone missed this amazing mod.It adds subtle embroidery to cloths which makes npc as amazing as the environment is.


There i go.Please Neo have a look at it.Peace. 

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TAZ looks quite nice (at least on YouTube), though I actually like the Vividian saturated look in bright sunshine - it leads to a nice contrast when the weather is gloomy or you're in a dark misty dungeon.  Still, from what I've seen of TAZ, it does  looks nice and my preference would probably come down to which is more performance friendly.


Beds - can't say I've thought about it much - though a mod like LP's Another Sleep Mod (see your character sleeping) or isoku's Sleep Tight (allow you to ambush sleeping NPCs and have snoring followers) might be nice.


NPC Overhaul - they already look OK and a mod that requires 7 !!! hair mods (including 2 not on the Nexus) as requirements is absurd IMO.  I use a variety of NPC mods that are much more lightweight than this. Color me dubious on this one.


Sexy Winterhold - I prefer one's that make the places feel more alive rather than just touching up graphics.


Elemental Dragons seems over the top - it took Gopher 6 hours to showcase this. Deadly Dragons is good because you can customize your dragon frequency and strength and add a few more varieties.  Maybe add Dragon Combat Overhaul (though it strikes me as potentially buggy) as it does add new dragon combat mechanics, making for a more tactical battle against the beasts. (But I'm really not sure if it's stable enough to be worth it - I just don't know.)


Or maybe I'm just feeling contrary today...

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I don't know that there's going to be a 'perfect' SRLE implementation past what it presents as a baseline.  My own setup cuts some mods that I don't particularly enjoy (most of the needs-based ones) and implements others that I do (Requiem, all the Requiem patches, Inigo, house mods, Dynamic sorting, etc.). 


SRLE is an amaaaaazing base for a high-end advanced user setup, but I think by its very nature attempting to find a general 'perfection' is impossible.  People's tastes are too different.

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All of you skeptics here are my defences :Goddamit its a suggestion list you idiots.The whole point is being cheesy.I dont really care about Sexy Winterhold but the list has to be a bit presentable with something SEXY in it.


Taz is better than vividian.It makes it feel like a game of 2015.The End.


Beds - Well ineed is there.This goes along well.You guys need to take a nap your eyes are a bit stressed.


Sexy Winterhold - Dont see any harm in this.Why dont you give it a shot.


NPC Overhaul-It looks big with that much hair mods i agree i have download speed of 150kbps ; i should know better but it is what it is which is a huge mod done right.How are npcs even ok.If we cant make npcs look better how will the world feel alive for all you "feel alive" addicts.Its really underrated like really just give it a try.Or viewing everything ugly intentionally makes you all feel beautiful(you all sure make your character look good)


Elemental Dragons - Well i too am skeptical on it but i love dragon mods so i included it in my suggestion.


For Clothing : " uck" you all.Thats how a defensive argument looks without proper clothing.So have it.


There are two type of graphics one is pretty and one is gritty.And from the vanilla Skyrim you can clearly see what Bethesda intended.

Load AC Unity at night if you have that disaster.Use TAZ and load Riften and you will get what i mean.It literally feels different.

AC unity has best lightning and graphics till date despite how horrible and boring piece of game it is.Skyrim needs to beat it to retain its place on the top spot.I live in india and my home is in a rural village.My family lives in semi mordern-semi classical style home but believe me there are actual real houses in my village which look like houses from riverwood.I mean it.Except glass though.If i was there i would have posted photographs , your minds would have been blown.When i loaded TAZ there was a mind blowing moment at a point when i was like OH my god that looks like a spot from my village.So I know what I am talking about when i am talking about TAZ.And i am an artist so i know what colors and cloth should look like.And for people; The people in those houses dont look that **** as many people in Skyrim.I draw so i know how facial line and expression looks like.The mod author of Ultimate NPC Overhaul has done some phenomenal work but i understand your skepticism as it requires quite a lot of mods and some of them are not on nexus.But i had to say something about such nice work. 


P.S.I get 40fps on average 38-52 60 rare.STEP Extended+NPC+Elemental Dragons+Immersive Armors and texture mods frome srle like rusty clutter collection and such.Grasses on 50.Unstable setup.Working on it.Crashes after an hour.On A Single R9 280x.I get pretty much similar fps on SRLE with all around 40 fps but i dont get anywhere near 55 ever in it(Not talking about interiors).I have a weak cpu as far as Skyrim is considered; an FX 4300 so in cities in cpu intesive spots without enb in lowest of resolution i cant get 60 it would be 45-50-55.So if you have two powerful cores and something like 770,970,980,R290,R290x or 780-780ti you are good to go.Oh the new 960ti will do well too i guess.40 is decent i say(I know I know You are waiting to use your 60fps card).Oh i also have only 6 gigs of ram.Never upgraded because except unity none of any other game used ram(I am like, if something is in my system is should be used) so yeah there you have it; doesnt sound like gpu-performance costly.

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Your tone is simply not acceptable for these forums. You are quite confrontational, mean, verbally offensive/abusive. No one was objecting to your statements out of hand and I'm sure several would have given them more thought if you hadn't have made that last post.


You've alienated several members with your disregard, rejection to at least think about their comment, and suggestions to help.



The mods you listed might very well be decent additions to SRLE Neovalen does not have all the time in the world and has been taking a bit a of break from skyrim since he has a very busy schedule so I'm sure he will look at them when he has time.


Nothing is preventing you from customizing SRLE to your liking making alterations at the appropriate place.


However nothing gives you the right to post as you did.

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First Of All you idiots needs to calm down and whats with the warning anyway.Practically everybody is an idiot.I have been an idiot many times in my life.Just not on this topic though.I did not mean it as offensive, if you take being called an idiot that offensively than its gonna take a lot of time for you kids.I guess it has more to do with internet being expressionless.I am an idiot for kind of forgetting that.


Also even Though it sounds like a f word i swear thats not i meant there infact i dont like vulgarity myself.I was just trying to sharpen my argument by giving exactly how unappropriate NPC Clothing feels by giving how inappropriate the usage of such words feel when you are talking about constructive criticism.Yes I was not polite.I was not good.Doest mean I was bad or impolite either.But when 'lame arguments like by its very nature it is not meant to be perfect' flow in i have to repulse it with proper force as is there anything in this world that is accepted perfect by everyone.I was being sharp and offensive in my defence but not verbally offensive.Its merely a suggestion.


As for Attitude clearly all those dislike button you posted you guys cloth your vulgar attitude profoundly.And Well i find moderating internet forum can be edgy sometimes i clearly see an unneeded negative attitude toward one post which considering the only reason giving me a negative feedback was because of technical reason of moderation i clearly see i have not been technically abusive in any way.I guess he took a stand on moral ground then yet fails clearly on moral grounds.I acknowledged the warning,fine,warnings have thier purposes.I am really Ok with it.Whats with the negativity though.You guys are killing a 'suggestion' list.Really.And I need to check my attitude.

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There are usually two ways to present an opposing argument: either by sound technical reasoning or by attacking those with the opposing opinion. You apparently think the latter is acceptable. Let me tell you it isn't. For every sound point you may make, you set yourself back with the abusive remarks about the forum as a whole or individuals in it.

My advice, take your attitude elsewhere it's not appreciated or warranted in a discussion about gaming.

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I get all the the negative feedback that i got on my second post.but tell me since since you guys are being so technical,so moral,so good,so friendly,with all nice tone how did my first post ended up getting disliked even without me posting a second post.I am fine people commented they don't find my suggestion to their taste , i completely completely get it. But tell me how disliking a suggestion post by giving negative feedback on it is not rude when everybody is being so sensitive and so protective about the overall serene of the forums.Oh you will say you dont have control over that dislike button so sorry technically you cant help me even if by your own judging standard getting disliked for posting a 'suggestion' should really come as a rude forum attitude.And yet i am getting punished on moral ground.Tell me what kind of forum attitude you people showing me.And they are no two type of people in any subject they are multiple.Seeing anything like that is just a naive and prejudiced perspective.


I guess some people are really gonna stretch this so i am gonna put an end.You guys are every every bit right on each and i mean each negative feedback that you gave me on technical ground you are absolutely right.But on moral ground you guys are completely lost.I hope and somewhat pray that you are not such blindsided in your real life for your own sake.And thats all i have to say.I  will apologize for attacking moderator.Its not like i worry about ban or something i couldn't care less about such thing.But i guess he reacted instinctively and i don't see how i have been any different.But i would have never been like all of you guys since and its actually making me smile i havent actually given anyone of you any negative feedback or even though about it.So yeah peace and if you stell cant think out of that grip of that negative ago.I am not gonna gonna waste my postivity on giving any replies on this post.And i am not going anywhere.If i think i can help people here in forums I am gonna stay here.PEACE.

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You might think that calling people idiots is a perfectly fine thing to do, but here it is not. You got your warning for that, and that is hopefully the end of it. 

If you want to get back on track with your suggestions then fine, but if this thread derails into a discussion about the finer points of what is and is not acceptable on this forum I will lock down the thread.   



Edit: Just to answer your question however. I am going to assume that you got all that negativity because of your 2nd post. As I recall there was no negatives at the time of your first post, at least not at the time when I read it the first time. 

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Looks good enough for me. I hope you manage to stay around and help out with some of those mods you have posted. They are not the most typically used ones and I am sure there are some here that will like your suggestions even though they might require a bit more work. 

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ENB Manager and Changer allows you to easily switch between ENBs and try them individually without messing up your Skyrim folder and if things go pear-shaped you can always revert back to Vividian without any problems. With this in mind, Neovalen doesn't really need to consider other ENBs as it is up to the individual provided you're more adventurous than I am.


I don't like the Ultimate NPC Overhaul personally. I prefer Inhabitants of Skyrim which only requires ApachiiSkyHair.

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