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  1. Sorry to bump a year old thread but I am in the process of modding Skyrim again following Neovalen's timeless guide which is still relevant today and I am also looking for this patch. It may not help the original thread starter anymore sadly but it would be a big help to me. Thanks!
  2. Hello! Not sure how best to describe my problem other than what the title suggests. It is happening mostly in the place where there are lots of geysers and dragons. I forgot the name of it. No idea what is causing it or how to fix it. I will post a screenshot soon when I get round to it. This is using Skyrim Revisited, by the way.
  3. How much of the guides are skippable? I am still a big fan of Skyrim Revisited and how it didn't really mess with huge overhaul mods such as Requiem. I would like to use the expanded guides as a means of updating Skyrim Revisited without installing too many of the extra mods they suggest.
  4. I will try yours and your husband's guide because it seems easier out of the three to follow. The thought of having to find several mods not available on the Nexus and then combining them together is a bit scary for me.
  5. Hi there! I have started modding Skyrim again using Neovalen's increasingly outdated guide which, for the most part, remains relevant. I have left out mods that I don't use such as Falskaar, Frostfall and other mods that add new gameplay mechanics to try to keep an almost vanilla Skyrim that looks pretty. I have managed to find some replacements for mods that have been removed from the Nexus but a parallax mod for Noble Skyrim is proving hard to find so I would appreciate any suggestions in that department. I have replaced Vivid Weathers with Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics and Vividian ENB with SnowFall ENB and the results are astounding! I haven't touched upon the conflict resolution part yet but I am halfway through merging the mods I do use from Neovalen's guide. Anyway, I would like to hear what other people have done to their Skyrim Revisited playthroughs to keep it updated and refreshing. Thanks!
  6. Ah, my bad! I did everything correctly except rename the files.
  7. Nothing much to report and most things are working fine. As mentioned in another thread, I changed female skin textures and that has fixed the darker faces on females. I have found another interesting problem, though. The statue at the College of Winterhold isn't there. There are 4 floating snowballs or whatever in its place.
  8. Thanks for guiding me through the process! I went ahead and deleted both entries and the OrcRace entry as well. Since female heads and body aren't matching exactly and numerous bugs have been reported on the mod's page, I want to see if another female skin would be a better alternative.
  9. Hey! I am terrible bad when it comes to messing around with TES5Edit and wanted to ask if someone could remove MatureSkinComplexions.esp and its texture set lists from SR Conflict Resolution for me, please? The 2 conflicts that need to be tweaked are 00013744 ImperialRace and 00013748 RedguardRace. I would still like the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Patch records to be carried over without the MatureSkinComplexions.esp texture set lists. Thanks!
  10. The Wolfskull Cave CTD seems to be a bit hit and miss but I am unable to view the error message because Windows becomes unresponsive whenever a CTD occurs requiring a force-restart. Merge Plugins crashes once it has finished building a merge and fails to save the new merge within the program although it can be found inside Mod Organizer/mods. Since Merge Plugins sometimes opens up a command prompt to add finishing touches after closing down, I am dubious whether the merge created after a crash is safe to use.
  11. Hey! I thought I would document any discrepancies I come across here rather than creating a new thread for each and every problem. Firstly, I want to say a big THANK YOU once again for this amazing guide. It has grown into something truly special! Now onto the nitpicks... Entering Wolfskull Cave causes a CTD and Crash Fixes reports a possible corrupted mesh. One of the rooms in the Thalmor Embassy had invisible walls and ceiling when looking inside the room from outside the opened door. Darker faces on female NPCs compared to the body ~ The thumbnails for the face textures actually look noticeably darker than the body textures within the Mature Skin and Body mod itself. Merge Plugins CTDs when merging certain mods specifically Farmhouse Chimneys and another I can't remember off the top of my head. That's all I can think of for now.
  12. I know it has been mentioned before but the reason given by the author suggests the mod "Dynamic Follower Dialogue" may have been taken down for good.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, Nebulous! I did manage to "fix" it by deactivating the .esp and then reactivating it once I had started a new game.
  14. Hi! Nothing major but it is driving me slightly insane whenever I check my quest log. Upon starting a new game, the Frostfall quest is already listed under completed quests before another Frostfall starts telling me about the mod. So, I end up with two Frostfall quests under the completed quests lists and it is annoying the hell out of me. Is there a way to fix it?
  15. The Ruffled Feather has been updated and moved. The new updade no longer contains the WATER mod. Just letting you know!
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