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Conflict resolution help Disparity - TTRSO



I need some conflict resolution help if anyone has some time and some insights. The conflicting mods are Kryptopyrs new mod Disparity and TTRSO - TheThirdRace Skill Overhaul by TheThirdRace.


1) Ideas? Use TTRSO and change Set value to Multiply value? I don't really know what they do.



2) Use Disparity, use EFIT - magnitude from TTRSO as well as adding the new effect from TTRSO that gives experience to speech when using shouts?



3) Any ideas about these?




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A lot of this depends on the intent of the two mods.


For number 1, I'd probably leave it alone, because TTRSO is using a totally different method to achieve the perk.


For number 2, you could override with Disparity's edits, and then add TTRSO's SpeechShoutEXP_III effect to the patched record but I'm not sure how the two would work together.


For number 3, really I would advise asking Kryptopyr, because combining the perks from the two mods may result in OP weapons, or the perk mechanics contradict each other.


In fact, I'd highly recommend asking Kryptopyr and/or TheThirdRace about all of these. Have you tried asking them?

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1) You can go either way.  The reason Disparity makes this change is primarily due to the use of the same sort of effect for the Serpent Stone.  Disparity's Serpent Stone gives a +1 to the number of hits you get from a poison.  However, the way the Conc Poison perk is configured, it will "set" the value to two, which would overwrite and negate the Serpent Stone ability.  By changing the perk to essentially be "x2" instead of "=2" it will multiply on top of the Serpent Stone, making both the perk and the stone more powerful when used together.  The change also makes it fit the literal description given for the perk effect.  If you leave this alone and let TTRSO overwrite, then the worst thing that will happen is that the perk will cancel out that particular part of the Serpent Stone ability.


2 & 3) I'd just leave all of these alone and allow TTRSO to overwrite Disparity.  From the values, it appears that TTRSO has implemented the same sort of attack speed fix used by Disparity (which is really the only reason that Disparity is changing these perks).  You'll probably want to disable the attack speed fix in Disparity's MCM, so it doesn't overlap with TTRSO.

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Thanks for both of your answers. I'll let TTRSO overwrite then. Was thinking about changing TTRSO in 1) to multiply (twice as many hits) but in TTRSO you can put another perk point in concentrated poison which gives three times as many hits with the poison. Using this with the new serpent stone might be op. I'm off to try Disparity then, the mod looks excellent Kryptopyr. Thanks!

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