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Fores Esp?

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Go into ...\Mod Organizer\mods\

Close MO.

Create a new folder - call it something witty

Move everything from ...\Mod Organizer\overwrite\ into this new folder.

Open up MO.

Activate the new mod folder on the left side of MO and activate any esps under plugins on the right.


If you have multiple profiles create and activate one such mod folder for each profile (and deactivate the other new mod folders for other profiles) , building any patches then running FINS, Wrye Bash, SUM for each and moving the contents of overwrite into the new folder for each.

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Thanks... this would have been handy to consider prior to moving from CORE to SRLE.  As it stands, I have lots of CORE stuff mixed into my SRLE build, though I re-numbered and put "SRLE" in the rename mod if it included a fomod install. Hmmm.. this partially answers another question... and I cannot seem to find an answer in search...


I am getting a dual sheath redux error... as in "no esp". Missed something somewhere... fixed.


And as an addendum... what is the proper sequence after adding new mods... say I drop several armor mods and some companions in this... what is the proper sequence to make sure all the patches and such are correct?

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