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ENB Choices and Climates of Tamriel installation



Hey there. I read both the Step guide and the Step project Wiki pertaining to the complete installation of Step 2.2. 

I'm unsure about the process of installing an ENB with climates of Tamriel. I'd like to think I understood the instructions, but I'd rather ask than do something stupid :P


Basically, I decided to stick with Project Enb as my choice, and I want to install Climates of Tamriel to. The instructions in the wiki go like this: "If not planning to use Climates of Tamriel (see section 2.C of the guide), use "Project ENB (Standalone)") which is this: https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/20781#content


Now, as I said, I wanna install Climates of Tamriel. The way I understood is that Project ENB is included in climates of Tamriel as one of it's enb presets, as seen here: 




Bottom line then, is that I can install Climates of Tamriel with my chosen ENB when I reach section 2.C of the Step guide, is that correct? Sorry if it's a dumb question, just trying to get this right.

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