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Texture choices for 760gtx 2GB

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Hey all


Just started following the guide for SRLE but I'm a little unsure where I should be scaling down quality in order to get smooth performance with my 760 GTX (at 1080p). I understand a full SRLE can use over 2GB of vram, and closer to 3GB if I stick REGS on top (undecided on that yet though). My card has 2GB of vram.


Assuming for now I just install SRLE without REGS, what would be suggested, particuarly when it comes to textures?


I was thinking about taking interior and exterior textures down to 1k (like STEP), but keeping 2k for armor, trees, mountains and other larger/more noticable things.


Any advice is appreciated. :)

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STEP is 1k for exteriors and 2k for interiors. Unless you're playing on a really high res, that should be good. I wouldn't push it too far with just 2GB of VRAM. ENBoost will help and take on the extra load; however, it's still slower than VRAM and some stuttering is always possible.

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I found with SRLE its tricky and you have to use low res stuff if you have the option otherwise I found its best to just leave it out. 

Like the skin textures.


The armors are fine.


I would encourage to think about where the texture is at and the possible effects.

like caves are pretty safe at 2k

but landscapes should probably stick with 1k


Just try things and keep a lookout for your VRAM

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I have a GTX 780 but I always grab the low res version if there is an option.  Mostly because my resolution is at 2560x1600 and my GPU sometimes struggles with that when there are a lot of high res textures on screen.  I figure that the low res version is going to look better than the default anyway.  With that said, I'm getting 45-60FPS depending on where I'm at using the low res texture versions.  Interiors it doesn't matter just grab the high res stuff as that is going to run 60FPS no matter what (typically).

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