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fireundubh's xEdit Scripts



I've made my xEdit Scripts available at GitHub.


They're not all usable out-of-the-box or written well but they get the job done most of the time. Also, no GUIs.


For most people, I think the keyword search scripts would be the most useful.


There's a "Replace Substring" script that will let you fix repeated spelling errors in large numbers of records.


There are also a number of scripts for converting STATMSTTMISCCONT, as well as an Anything->COBJ script.


Any of the (FLST) scripts use formlists as data sources, so for example, if you want to Find and Replace References in CELLs and WRLDs according to a formlist, there's a script for that. If you want to add factions from a formlist to an NPC, or any number of NPCs, there's a script for that. If you want to add keywords from a formlist to something, there's a script for that, too.


Some, or probably most, scripts need to be customized to the task at hand.

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