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MO Issue Tracker / Bug Genie - 404 Forbidden Error



With the recent string of problems in Mod Organizer due to changes in Nexus Mod's download server mechanism, I have been trying to access the MO Issue Tracker website to see what issues have been reported and are being worked on.


Unfortunately, although I can log in, I get the following error: 403 - Forbidden / You are not allowed to access this page.


For some reason, I can view old issues / feature requests I've posted via my user dashboard (accessible in the upper right-hand corner.


In the Nexus Mods comments thread for Mod Organizer, I see a post by Tannin on September 28th that he had to reinstall the server hosting the issue tracker.


I'm not sure what to do - maybe some account information or user access privileges weren't carried over to the new install?


I only see one user on the Nexus Mods comments thread saying they are getting the same error as myself.


Has anyone else here gotten this error, and if you have, were you able to gain access somehow?


Thanks in advance.

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Okay, that's very strange - I can't give you a screenshot, because it's now working properly!  :O_o:


Here's what happened.


Last night, the last thing I tried was to log out, and I still got the 403 error.


This morning, I tried viewing the issue tracker site when not logged in, and I can view the summary page and of the issues pages, etc.


I tried logging in with my existing account credentials, and for some reason I got shot directly to the MO page on Nexus Mods. 


So I went to the comments tag, clicked the Issue Tracker link (which points to https://issue.tannin.eu/tbg/modorganizer), and everything is now working for me while logged into my account.


Sorry to say I have no idea why, but I'm happy iit's resolved (for me at least).

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