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Invisible Walls Appearing Throughout Skyrim



STEP Users,


I'm running into (literally  :lol: ) a lot of invisible walls lately in my Skyrim playthrough.  They don't match any sort of structure or walls that are visible in the area, but they act as if I'm running into a fence or full-on wall. Sometimes they seem sloped and I can run up them and fall off the other side.  Other times I have to jump up on top of them to get past them. There are even some where I can only run around them, as the wall must be too tall for me to jump over it.


However, the amount of them seems to be growing.  I'm finding more and more of them as my playthrough progresses.  I am using a number of location-modifying mods on top of my STEP Extended base.


Currently, there are 3 main areas where I am finding them and noticing their prevalence increase: Morthal (modified by ETaC), College of Winterhold (modified by Immersive College of Winterhold), and Fort Dawnguard (not modified by anything).  Interiors do not seem to be affected, only Exteriors.


Does anyone know what causes these to appear, and is there a way to fix/remove them?

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UPDATE: Checked with Apoc - doesn't seem to be the issue.  Apparently that problem was solved in a previous patch, before I even started using it.  According to the Enai (the mod author of Apoc), the Levitate spell would create collision volumes, but then move them below the world and delete them.  It checks for them multiple times in the following seconds as well, deleting anything it finds as well on the offchance that the initial delete call failed.


Is there a way to select and disable/markfordelete an invisible wall in-game using the console?  I've been trying to click on the areas where the collision volumes are appearing, but I can't seem to select anything there.  Is there a way to refresh the volumes in a cell or select invisible items in a cell using the console?

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Great idea, Glanzer!  


Unfortunately, it proved to be fruitless - there were no meshes to be seen when running into the invisible walls. I tested multiple areas where I was finding them (College of Winterhold, Morthal, Castle Dawnguard), but to no avail.  They seem to just be collision volumes with no meshes attached to them.  They tend to have fairly regular shapes, and most seem to be circular.  Some seem to be sloped, so I can run up atop them from one direciton, but can't from the other.  They also have varying heights above the walkable ground - most tend to be at a height where I can jump on top of them to bypass, but some are almost as tall as my character, and prove to be more difficult to get past.


Is there a command to see just collision walls using the console, or is it only meshes that can be viewed?

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