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Mod Creation Tools


Not sure where to post this, so I will start here.

I would like to get into mod creation. It is really hard to find some good, concrete recommendations on what software tools you should have in your toolbox to create new mods. Creation Kit is step one, of course...

I've seem Blender, Gimp, NifTools, gmax, & Photoshop mentioned. But not consistently, and not really describing what software would be useful for which aspect of mod creation. Are there suggestions here on the STEP pages I am not finding? Or is there a couple of good web sites for noobs wanting to get started?


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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Creation Kit is needed for almost everything. So is TES5Edit.

NifTools used alone is useful for changing an existing model's texture.

Blender (or GMax, which I don't recommend btw) + NifTools + Photoshop (or The Gimp) are used to create new models and textures.

Some tutorials can be found on the creation kit site, Bethesda's YT channel, or BestinSlot's YT channel.

You can find more tutorials by using google.

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