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Jon Battle-Born Companion/Hearthfire Steward (DOES NOT REQUIRE HEARTHFIRE!!!)

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Yes, that is the name of the mod, and it's on Steam only and not the Nexus.


Jon Battle-Born Companion/Hearthfire Steward (DOES NOT REQUIRE HEARTHFIRE!!!) by UniversalGameplay


The friendly lad from Whiterun can now be your follower! No prerequisites whatsoever, just go up to him and ask him to follow you, its that simple! My motivation behind this was that, although I'm a Stormcloak, and he is an Imperial, I liked his personality, and always thought, I'd love to have him as a follower, so now I've done it! Enjoy!!!


P.S. He is a functioning steward for your Hearthfire homes, with only very slight bugs lol. He may sometimes wander back off to Whiterun, but that happens very rarely (If this happens just hire him and bring him back home to your house ). When acting as steward, he returns to his Iron Armor that he had in Whiterun, but when you two start your next adventure, the next time you fast travel he'll be suited up again!

I rarely go to Steam for any mods but I have been searching high and low for Jon Battle-Born related mods, I didn't find much. There's one follower addon for Jon on Nexus but it changes his looks and does other unsavory things. UniversalGameplay's mod simply adds Jon to the follower faction and has a very small footprint. I ran it through TESSEdit and there was nothing menacing.


I must admit, I did finish the first part of the Missing in Action Quest before making him my follower, I pickpocketed the letter from him. But, it's all good, I gave the letter back to him after. :)


Also, Jon and I will be soon be rescuing Thorald GreyMane - At that point, I will have single-handedly brought the two feuding factions together as comrades and brothers in arms. Screw you, Olfina, you hussy tramp!


It's really easy to grab files off Steam and install them via Mod Organizer, let me know if you don't know how.


I thumbed up the mod on Steam, sadly I had to unsubscribe to it so Steam's syncing wont mess with my mod management, but that's the only downside.


Jon Battle-Born just helped me clear the Silent Moons Camp for a bounty. He wears his usual Iron Armor but he actually is more proficient in Light Armor, so I have him wearing Studded Leather now.


I use Extensible Follower Framework (non-Beta) and everything works marvelously.

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Yeah, I really don't like the Steam mod acquisition system, but it present no real obstacles to acquiring mods if the Nexus doesn't host them. I prefer the Nexus to have a little competition, after all and Steam isn't exactly a fly-by-night enterprise. ;) ( man in a trench coat dispensing mods in a back alley, haha)


On the subject of Follower Jon Battle-Born, I made my very first edit to a Skyrim mod...the mod author forgot to make it so that Jon would level with the player (PC Level Mult). After a little binging, I figured out how to change the esp. And, nothing has blown up! :)

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