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Black Plants?



Hey guys,


So after finally doing a good hour playthrough of skyrim (which is rare these days with all my tweaking and modding)


I was strolling around the tundra area, and found these black plants.



Posted Image   Posted Image


Has anyone seen similar issues or know which mod is causing this?


A better question is, are these plants even vanilla plants? or modded plants?


At the moment I am looking at skyrim flora overhaul 179e regular version, which i know I cleaned the 1 dirty file.


Could that 1 dirty file i cleaned cause this? Not sure but if anyone can help, I would be grateful.

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I'm thinking it's whatever water mod you have installed (those are cattails) and they're not black they're green and yellow-brown

Could this be related to the enb patch?


At the moment, I have not installed a water mod as I am slowly going down the list.


But to make sure ill try installing the water mod to see if it fixes the issue.

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You guys are correct.


These so called water plants were added from Vurts 179e.


I have tried every possible scenario to fix the problem which include


a. reinstall a fresh copy of vurts


b. double checking for mod conflicts


c. disable enb


Each of the above solutions did not work as there was no mod conflict and disabling the enb did not solve the problem either.


I guess my only solution now is to find the specific files in Vurts and delete them from the game.

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I use the 181 Basic version. lol

I would personally use the basic version too, but I love those bent tree's for some reason =-)
Yeah when you have new character and come out of Bleak Falls and there is that giant, barren tree, it is hard to go back the basic version. It is not like FNV where the two extra version had thousands of UDRs and IDMs in the plugins and can't be cleaned.
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