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Fomod not installing my selections



Fomod not installing my selections, MO version 012.6.  Same issue with other versions of MO, I think I tried them all. LOL

I am trying to install UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT v2.5, but Fomod will not install the selections that I tick off, it only installs the generic ones that were set by the moder.

I get underwear win I tick nude and no animations files. Finis states that there are no animation files installed.

This mod worked prior to setting up MO.

Except for this issue I think MO and STEP are the best.

Any help or a link to solving this issue would be appreciated.

My best to you all and keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the response!

The only installer options in this version of MO are Fomod and Quick Install. If there is an external installer option, I am unaware of it. The plugin folder for MO contains installer dll's for Bain, Bundle, Fomod, Manual, NCC and Quick. Not sure how to use these unless MO uses them automatically when needed. Using Mod's is all new to me so I have a lot to learn. LOL

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Alright I have been trying to figure this out for the past day or two and countless forums later I still have yet to figure this out. Every SEQ file packed in a archive with an FOMOD installer seems to be set up in a way that you always have to find out a way to install it with MO (Mod Organizer) I am using Version 1.1.2 of MO with the NCC downgrade. I still can not set this mod right so that I can install the mod where it needs to be within the virtual filing system.

Example:  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/18462/?

Can someone "HELP ME" please with this. Someone always starts to talk about it but this. Then comes back with "Oh I figured it out" and would but never say how they did it for others that might run into the problem.


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