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Why are we not supposed to enable Trade and Barter in the MCM menu?



I haven't actually tested to see whether or not its effects are working but someone I was talking to on Reddit said the following:


"Next to the mod "Trade and Barter" it tells me not to activate it in the MCM Menu. Was curious as to why because I don't see any changes actually happen without activating it in the MCM Menu.


Here is what it says: STEP Recommends: Install the mod and activate the .esp, but do not click "start mod" in the MCM options"

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If you don't activate the mod in the MCM menu, then the only changes you'll get are the bug fixes that I made to the investor perk. STEP tries to avoid mods that alter gameplay because STEP is about enhancing the vanilla game, not about altering gameplay. Therefore STEP doesn't recommend activating the gameplay aspects of Trade & Barter, but it does recommend the bug fixes from that mod. If you want the gameplay changes, then it's your choice to simply activate the mod. STEP's recommendation isn't because there is anything wrong with the gameplay aspects of the mod.



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Maybe we need to add a note to the guide or the wiki page? It's not an unreasonable question and I think the confusion is understandable for people who are perhaps coming to STEP for the first time (or who just don't follow the discussions closely).

Explanations couldn't hurt. That note in the guide makes it sound like it's deactivated because there's something wrong with the mod. It could be useful to briefly explain why it's recommended. Other notes have quick explanations and they really help.

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