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Opening Cart-Ride Bug



During the new-game opening cart ride, the first carriage takes a hard left into a boulder just after the cart helmsman barks "shut up back there!" This results in a number of issues resulting in a failure of the game to start.


Just an FYI to anyone experiencing this bug. I get it a lot lately during my benchmarking process using the opening sequence. I normally experience it once every 3-4 iterations of the new-game opening sequence and simply reset as a workaround.


My last benchmark run testing STEP:Core section I was the last straw when it happened 4x in a row. My guess is that the bug is inherently present with some probability of manifestation that is exacerbated by certain mods (particularly in Section I) and/or some issue with the navmesh after repacking BSAs using DDSopt or BSAopt.


Anyway, the problem has disappeared now that I removed the Timescale [10] tweak I had in my Bashed Patch. My guess is that this also exacerbates the bug. I doubt it is gone, but I'll post back any trends I notice.

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