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STEP v2.1.0 Released


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STEP v2.1.0 RELEASED! (yeah, it's still Friday 04 :dance: )



Brief changelog:


Patch v2.1.0:

*Not a detailed changelog since there’s too much to list!


-Major guide update, requires full reinstallation of Skyrim.

-Expanded STEP description and added mod selection guidelines.

-Slightly reorganized guide structure.

-Step-2 adapted to the “HD Texture DLC Optimized” addon.

-Added a lot of new mods, removed unnecessary mods. Improved mod selection.

-Added the first optional “Pack” in Step-3F, focused on some lite “rpg needs” and realism mods.

-Added back “non-included mods and why” section as external link.

-Added two new important hints in Step-6.

-Added new INI tweaks and remove some unnecessary.

-Added STEP forum link and new logo by MontyMM.

-Other minor guide improvements.



I need to sleep disperately, tomorrow we'll start the bug-tracking session, the english lessions session, and i'll update more stuff in Nexus site and the comparison screenshots which are still outdated!

Gn8 folks! :turned:

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Can confirm that leather weight fix is not in USKP, listed as #244 in the Unsolved Bugs list. Only part of All in 1 Spell Fix is in USKP, and the Esbern fix is more of a tutorial, you will have to google the fix and there are plenty of links to fix it.

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Damn clicking all those links takes so long :D (Arrived at Interface mods now after approx. 3 hours permanently clicking links and downloading them) Would be awesome of you could provide a Compiled Pack with the next release. I mean you are testing the mods yourself dont you? So you would just have to compile your Data folder into a big archive (: Great work though with all those mods, thumbs up :)



PS: Nexus down for anyone else as well ?!

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Yep down for me, must be all the STEP users who are frantically clicking and download all those mods :P


A compiled pack is not really possible, you would have to get permissions from every mod author from mods included in the guide. Another solution would be a tool that downloads the STEP recommended mods and then installs them without much user intervention. There are some ideas from this already, you can find the relevant thread under the Projects subforum, titled Semi-Automatic S.T.E.P.

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Ye I remember that there once was an "(semi-)automated STEP installation" thread, but I cant seem to find it anymore. The subforum is empty for me.

But why do you have to get all the permissions? I mean the outcome would be the same, wouldnt it? Also I dont really think that those modders are getting patents and therfore an official copyright on their works, do they?

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They have rights to their work as they have created it. So yes, getting permissions is necessary, and the outcome would not be the same for them as they would get less visits and downloads on their pages and thus less votes/endorses.

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