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SSE v1.6.1170, looking at landscape texture mismatch/seam(?) in Dawnstar

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If this post needs put somewhere else, I apologize in advance.

Having a seam issue at DawnstarExterior08 that appears to be caused by Update.esm. Images below (first is with only Skyrim.esm loaded, second is with Update.esm loaded as well), are there any mods that fix this? I spent a few days trying to track down this issue, ended up finally doing a full uninstall/delete SSE folder and reinstall. Same issue shows in the CK. Any advise would be appreciated, thank you. Just to close, I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong as I can't be the only person to have had this issue and not mentioned it somewhere, just at a loss as to what should be done from here.

Still unsure of the best way to post images here, if formatting needs changed please let me know. (Can't seem to delete the spoiler block, just had links for the two images in there as well)



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