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Smithing- a bug or me not understanding it?



Bear with me here, since I'm kind of confused, and wondering if this is intentional or a bug:


I just added the first Smithing skill boost when I leveled up most recently. I had a number of Steel, Iron, and a few other ingots in my inventory. At the smithing station in Whiterun I did what I thought was creating a bunch of iron weapons, some jewelry, and some steel weapons. However, after apparently creating them, none of them appeared in my inventory, yet all my ingots were gone.


Also, earlier, when I tried this same thing, with several weapons already in my inventory, after I'd finished the process, those weapons were gone!  Yet I saw no mention of them as a necessary component (ie melting down the weapon to create a new one). 


I am pretty confused by both of these occurences- no items showing up in my inventory after I thought I'd created them, and my exisiting items dissapearing after I thought I had created new ones.


Thanks for any insights into what might be happening.

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Yes, the one in the STEP install- Ars Metallica Smithing.




Re-reading the instructions for it, and will post on the Nexus forum if I am still stumped. Do you have any ideas what might be causing it?


Edit- Just noticed that I had the Ars Metallica Hearthfire.esp selected, along with the base and the Dawnguard and Dragonborne. I don't have Hearthfire installed, so hopefully taht was causing it.  I unchecked it.



One question- after making a change such as this, is it necessary to rebuild my bashed patch?

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This can be marked as solved. I wasn't paying close enough attention- didn't realize that to create ingots actual items would need to be melted down. D'oh.

Just so you're aware - you don't have to get rid of items to create ingots. Although Ars Metallica lets you melt the items down, you can acquire them by using ores.


Sorry, I'm not sure how familiar you are with the game - it may be obvious and a well known fact to you :)

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