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Fallout New Vegas - any STEP-like modding guides out there?


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The thread name says it all. Is anyone aware of any reliable modding guides to Fallout New Vegas, similar to STEP? Not so extensive necessarily, but reliable and good enough to tell me what good mods to install in which order to get everything working? I know of Gopher's FNV guide, but it's quite old now. I was looking for something that would look at some newer mods, but couldn't find anything. 


Any ideas?

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I'd even settle for a Skyrm GEMs type of deal.


There's some pretty sweet looking mods but their requirements are intricate:


This Mod requires Mod A, Mod B, and Mod C


Mod A requires Mod 1 and Mod 2


Mod C requires Mod A, Mod 2, and Mod 3


Mod 3 requires Mod B and Mod 2


Mod B has no extra requirements but it's suggested you have Mod A and a certain version of Mod 1 that other mods which require it don't support anymore. Mod B will not work with newer versions of Mod 1.

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A lot of texture artists that are recommended for STEP have stuff for FNV, Millenia, Cabal, Vurt...


I'd start with the NVEC, but only the bugfixes version first. Or the Mission Mojave mod for fixes. Then onto those artists I mentions along with the NMC retexture pack, medium is good for me, the large version is 7 gigs!


Fellout to remove the stupid orange tint.


There are a series of restored content mods from moburma80 that are good, just remember 1,3, and 7 are included in the Open Freeside mod. Plus, another modder made a Open Strip mod.


That isn't a guide and I don't know of one. As far a GEMS is concerned I would go with the NVEC Complete + NVCE, since it combines tons of gameplay tweaks and fixes so they are compatible and housed under many less plugins. If you have every DLC then get the latest version and 2.9 if not.


The Interface mods are really good for FNV, but the install order is dependent on the mods you are using. I've messed around with most of them enough, so let me know if you have trouble.


I know that FNV hasn't had quite the support for textures and bugfixes that Skyrim has, but the content mods are so good.

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Thanks for your tips, SRB - I'll have a look at the suggested mods! I followed Gopher's guide, but I think it's outdated now, as I get very frequent CTD's with his suggested set up.




Hahah, looking at Mission Mohave Plus description:


Core Principles:

This mod will be entirely focused on ensuring it adheres to a standard set by the following 'key principles':


This 'expands' or 'enhances' the current game, but does not 'overhaul', 'redesign' or 'add'.

This strictly follows New Vegas' Vanilla design, mechanic and lore.

Mods incorporated will be need to be deemed of a 'widely acceptable' nature (not to be confused with popular).

Does this ring a bell? :D


I think we have FNV's STEP equivalent here!

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With FNV it's about getting a setup that you can play for about 90 minutes to 2 hours before a freeze or crash. Modding FNV just pushed the limits of Gamebryo engine. NV stutter remover and 4gd patch are essential.


I never used any of gopher's guides except the HUD video. It's pretty simple install order:


1. Uninstall all HUD/Interface mods

2. Install Darnified UI or MTUI

3. (OPTIONAL) Project Nevada

4 (OPTIONAL) Project Nevada - extra options

NOTE: Project Nevada has an optionals folder that you need to get into. Extract the files in the Darnified or MTUI folder.

5. Install Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)

6. Install all other HUD altering mods (see above list).

7. Install One HUD

8. Install Unified HUD

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So would you recommend installing the above first (I did that anyway in my current install), then install fixes (think I will go for Mission Mojave - it seems to have compatibility patches for other stuff I'd like in my game, like Project Nevada, EVE, WMX etc.), then texture packs, then remaining mods - and finally Unified HUD to incorporate all the HUD changes?


That would be order I'd go for.

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I just read through full description and enhancement list of NVEC - New Vegas Enhanced Content. It's a massive collection of mods and it sounds awesome! It also has patches to be used with Mission Mohave, which is a bugfix compilation.


However - Mission Mohave Plus is also a content enhancer, just like NVEC... I think those two need comparing and choosing which one is the better option.


I have a feeling this thread will turn into a mini F(NV)TEP :D

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That sounds good. If I recall correctly, NVEC includes EVE, but extended to support all DLCs. Same mod includes both New Vegas Bounties, which I've head (at least judging by Gopher's videos) to be really well done.


That being said, starting with the UI mods, Project Nevada, then Mission Mojave (Plus), EVE, WMX, and the textures made by Millenia, Vurt, and CaBaL (if there are a few more, I'm interested in knowing) would be the best option.

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So... digging around on the Nexus for texture mods made by the mentioned authors, I've found these works:


Looks like quite a nice list. Any others? Wish CaBaL was reading this, as I suspect that he would have some good recommendations.

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I used Gohper's videos not too long ago and didn't have too much of a problem. No crashes or anything like that. Just used some discretion and was really careful with how I set everything up.


Project Nevada is pretty great. I really enjoyed that when I used it.

Great quest mod and it's counter part are New Vegas Boutnties.

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Actually if you doing the big install of stuff then try this order:


1. Fixes

2. Restored Content - New Vegas Uncut

- If using Open Strip and Open Freeside the 4gb patch and stutter remover are essential. Even with those

you will have some stutter and maybe a couple freezes.

3.Darnified UI or MTUI, Misc Item Icons

4. Fellout, Interior Lighting Overhaul or NV Interiors Project, maybe Nevada Skies or a some good weather


5. Major Texture Replacers - Vurts, WRP, NMC, Book of Water

6. Additional Replaces & Equipment - Millenia has a bunch of good weapons, and also check out ADAM or

Gopher's Armors. ADAM is being taken over by someone that posts unofficial updates in the comments.

7. Enhanced Blood Textures - same as STEP

8. Misc Stuff - Yams Pinup Parade, a small issue with Open Strip (floating poster where wall used to be), Laurens Bathroom Poetry, CONELRAD (Radio Station)

9. Gameplay

A. EVE or NVEC ( I only use NVEC Bugfixes + NVCE)

B. Project Nevada (PN) -> PN Patches (seperate nexus page) -> PN - Extra Option

C. WMX -> WMX DLC plugins -> WMX Modern Weapons -> WMX WRP compatibility

D. If using body replacers the get Spice of Life & spice of life PN patch

E. Extra Patches: PN-WMX -> PN-EVE -> WMX-EVE (if using EVE, probably a NVEC patch can replace it),

PN-ADAM patch(go to ADAM comment for patch and unofficial update)

F. More Perks -> More Perks for Companions -> More Traits

10. HUD mods


B. Extra stuff for HUD that isn't made by Gopher


D. Unified HUD Project

E. Weapon Mod Menu (this mod will tell you if you need to reinstall it upon loading a save.)

11. Followers: I recommend Willow and Niner (requires Honest Hearts)

12. Content mods: Beyond Boulder Dome, New Vegas Bounties I & II, The Inheritance, there's plenty more.


I've think I followed that pretty much followed that and it worked out that only get freezes or crashes on longer session, around 2 hours, or in Freeside and the Strip if using Open Freeside/Strip.

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I haven't seen any good FNV lists. Here are some of the major FNV mods I use and recommend (not in order of importance):


Project Nevada


NVEC Complete + NVCE (bugfixes + a large set of useful small mods all integrated)

NVInteriors Combo Edition


Nevada Skies UWWLified

Vurt's Wasteland Flora


EVE (now in NVEC)

NMC's Texture Pack (there are also 2 other good large scale retexture mods; take your pick)



Improved Ammo Crafting

Interior Lighting Overhaul

More Perks Merge

Weapon Retexture Project

all the fix/ small mods from Puce Moose: SpeedE Wheels, GRA right to bear arms, PMT mods (most)


HUD mods: One HUD, uHUD, Weapon mod menu, MCM


Best (IMO) Quest mod (2 chapters available, 3rd chapter arrives soon): Tales from the Burning Sand


Body mods: I use Dimonized Type 3 Body Replacer, Lings and Project Mikoto hair


small mods:

New Vegas Reanimated

New Vegas Extended Map Markers

Oven Cooking

Jacobstown expanded

imps time scale adjuster

HiRes clutter pack




NPC Project

FO3 Perks

HiRes Chems and Health retexture

NCR Retexture

Realistic Repair

Improved Sound FX


There are other small mods and lots of mod patches for DLCs that I didn't list, and some additional good texture & quest mods, etc.



I haven't checked any of these with the new FNVEdit yet but I will likely check some of them since FNVEdit is much more capable with the recent improvements.

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