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The site will be down for maintenance on Monday, April 17 sometime between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM Central US time. I can't provide exact start/end times other than that.

If things go as planned, the wiki will be accessible but read only, and the forums will not be accessible. The duration will be between 30 min and two hours, depending.

We'll be upgrading the server, OS, and all software.

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Site optimizations are pretty much completed now. Page loads should be improved, and related latency/process interruptions should be fixed.

The wiki is now much more user friendly with the Visual Editor, which simplifies editing with a WYSIWYG editor. Wiki veterans will probably not prefer it though:




Source Wikieditor with vastly improved syntax highlighting:


The upgraded wiki software comes with many additional enhancements that only those familiar with Mediawiki will really appreciate:


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The hastily-conceived hardware upgrade was hastily completed with no hitches. For those of you that missed the announcement, no worries. The site was only down for an hour and we'll hopefully feel less lag and no unplanned downtime (knock on wood).

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