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Are these SKSE extenders still recommended?



Just came across this from the Skyrim Installation guide, which is about a month old. Are all of these configuration changes recommended (and will increasing the tinttextureresolution have much of an impact on performance/framerate?)


Also, I notice that I don't have an SKSE folder in my Skyrim Data folder, as is indicated below. I just created one, which is where I am placing the skse.ini file. I assume that's correct.





"Extenders SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) SKSE is an external program that exposes console commands and the internal scripting language (Papyrus) to modders.

  • Install by extracting into the skyrim\ (alongside TESV.exe).
  • (optional) SKSE can be configured using Data\SKSE\skse.ini, which must be created manually. Add the following as desired:
Highly Recommended: this will fix and/or prevent script-based save-game bloat ...[General]


To pick the size of dynamically built tint textures (default is 256) ...[Display]

iTintTextureResolution=512  ; other values could be 1024 2048 4096

To write a minidump to %USERPROFILE%\My Games\Skyrim\SKSE\Minidumps\ when the game crashes ...[Debug]


Forced container categorization ...[interface]


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