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"EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT" CTD at a specific cell, possibly .dll related?

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I'm running into a very inexplicable crash that I haven't seen anyone else encounter. So far it happens specifically at cell 32, -2 (FormID: 0000ba04)m, around Bonestrewn Crest. I thought it could be the notorious Wonders of Weathers-Dragon mound crash, but disabling those showed they weren't the culprits either. Crash log is as follows:


Specifically, I haven't seen anyone else have an "EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT" error. I think it could be some issue with a .dll, because I've tried to narrow it mod to a specific mod/.esp. Sometimes, disabling a certain mod will avert the crash, but when I enable it and disable it again just to check, the crash will return. This has happened multiple times across different .esp's. I see Engine Fixes' .dll pop up a few time in the stack. Disabling the Memory Manager patch leads to a CTD on menu launch, which is separate problem I can't figure out, but simply means here I can't be sure if it's the cause.

I can usually troubleshoot my way out of errors and crashes, but after most of my weekend gone, I'm at a loss. I would really appreciate any help or advice

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