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Always Pick Up Books


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Always Pick Up Books 


This looks interesting to me - the ability to pick up books without actually reading them until you're ready. I've been wanting something like this for awhile now, as I actually do read the books, but for immersion sake I prefer to wait until my character has settled in at the end of the day. It's always seemed odd to me that one would stop in the middle of an enemy-infested dungeon long enough to take in the Skyrim equivalent of War and Peace. It also prevents you from reading owned books without "stealing" them, which I think might make it a worthy candidate for inclusion in STEP.


Though it might not be suitable for STEP, I've also used this mod: Read and Learn Speechcraft, for some time now, and the two seem like they would be a natural fit. I understand it also works with Unread Books Glow, for those who are so-inclined.


I should note that I have not actually used it myself yet, and I'm completely clueless about the proper testing procedures for such things. If I'm out of line in suggesting it, please forgive the post.

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