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Skyrealism ENB causes windowed mode



So I have completed the Step 2.2.1 using Mod Organizer and everything appears to be working smoothly... only played up to level 9 so far without any CTD or issues... love the way the game looks and feels so a big thanks to the whole crew that built the STEP manual. The only reason I went with MO was that I used Wrye Bash through the entire STEP 2.2.0 manual and when I finished the game wouldn't even launch so back to square one with MO. 


On to the issue at hand... once I setup ENBSeries v0.139 and Skyrealism ENB in Cinematic Mode the game forces itself into Windowed Mode... I have Googled the issue and checked the ini files for fullscreen options but nothing seems to fix the issue. When I run TESV it always comes up with Windowed Mode option checked so I uncheck it and attempt to run SKSE via MO but again once the game starts it goes right into a smaller screen with 2 black bars, one at the top and one at the bottom. If I uninstall ENBSeries and Skyrealism I can continue my saved game and it reverts right back to fullscreen so I have isolated the ENB as the source of the issue.


Any suggestions?


My setup:

Vanilla Skyrim

EVGA 670 FTW 2GB w/ latest driver

8GB 1666 Memory

MSI MPower Z77 (OC Genie)/ 3570K at about 4GHz

Windows 7 64bit

ENB 139 / Skyrealism (this breaks the fullscreen mode)

Ultra settings

Mod Organizer

Step 2.2.1 manual completed with default graphics settings (no high performance options)

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